1963 Thunderbird

standard and optional features.



Power Steering 

Combined with the parallelogram steering system is the integral power steering unit which provides improved road feel, and gives good, straight-line steering characteristics.  In the 1963 Thunderbird, the steering efforts have been reduced for easier parking and driving; the parking effort has been reduced from 12 pounds to 5 pounds.



Self-adjusting Power Brakes

Owner-proven, self-adjusting brakes are standard, eliminating the need for mechanical adjustments for the life of the linings.  The standard vacuum-assisted power brake requires only one-third the effort of normal braking power and results in less driver fatigue, greater effectiveness, and better brake "feel" for safer braking at high speeds.




To improve the electrical generating capacity even at idling speed, the alternator replaces the generator in all 1963 Thunderbirds.  Because of the alternator's magnetic saturation field, it cannot burn itself out by overloading as a generator will.



Super-quiet Life of Car Exhaust System

With the incorporation of a new laminated exhaust pipe- actully a DOUBLE exhaust pipe, one inside the other-"shell noise," which is the noise that is transsmitted through the pipes as the gases expand, is greatly reduced.  Other factors contributing to a quieter exhaust system are a stainless steel muffler, aluminum coated pipes and a new molded rubber and metal vibration-free exhaust system mount.




The Cruise-O-Matic transmission is Ford's premium automatic transmission.  It offers additional flexibility and economy of operation not found in the regular single-plaetary-gear (two speed) automatic transmission.



Am Radio

Fully transistorized pushbutton radio blends smartly with the interior.



Padded Instrument Panel


The hooded instrument panel is just one of Thunderbird's built-in protection safety features.  It is cushioned to to protect the driver and passengers in the event of impact.



Self-Regulating Clock


Self-regulating in design, this clock automatically retimes itself when necessary fast or slow adjustments are made.  Its illuminated face and sweep second hand add to the striking decor of the Thunderbird interior.



Illuminated Trunk


The Thunderbird trunk is automatically lighted when the deck lid is raised.



Armored Guard Wiring


"Hypolon," a new high-temperature, heat-resistant insulation, is used on all 1963 Thunderbirds.  Highlt resistant to oil, grease and chemicals, it will not melt up to a temperature of 400*F.  To furthur protect the engine compartment wires, each circuit is enclosed in an "Armored Guard" vinyl tube.



Two Position Door Checks


For entry or exit ease, two-position front door checks hold the door at two-thirds or in full-open position.  Offset-type hinges with bronze bushings also make these doors easy to swing open or closed.



Rear Seat Ash Tray


Located in each arm rest within convenient reach of rear seat passengers.





Hig quality undercoating, applied to the entire underbody, completes the triple-stage anti-rust treatment of every Thunderbird.  In addition to the complete undercoating, all body seams, joints and attachment openings are thoroughly sealed to keep out corrosive dirt and water.



Wheel Covers


Special chrome wheel covers add the final finishing touch of luxury to all Thunderbirds.  The Sports Roadster has wire wheels and knock-off hubs to accent its Sports look.



Back Up Lamps


For night time driving safety, Thunderbird's back up lamps turn on automatically when the transmission is in reverse, flooding the back area with light.



Remote Control Outside Rear View Mirror


This sparkling chrome mirror is easily adjusted by a door mounted control lever.





Thunderbird (standard features)




Air Cleaner, 6000 Mile

Arm Rest, Front and Rear

Ash Trays, Front and Rear

Back-Up Lights

Bucket Seats (Front)

Carpets, Nylon-Rayon

Cigarette Lighter

Clock, Electric


Courtesy Lights

Coolant, 2 Year/36,000 Mile

Cruise-O-Matic Transmission

Dual Horns

Diamond Lustre Finish

Fuel Filter, 36,00 Mile


Illuminated Glove Compartment

Illuminated Trunk

Lubrication, 100,000-Mile Chassis-3-Year

Map Light

Mirror, Non-Glare Rear View

Mirror, Outside Remote Control

Muffler, Rustless Steel and Aluminized

Padded Instrument Panel

Padded Sun Visors

Power Brakes

Power Steering

Oil Filter, 6,000 Mile

Radio, AM

Rust Resistant Body

Safety Glass-All Around

Safety Door Latches

Seats, 100%Foam Padded

Seat Belt Anchors, Front

Steering Wheel, Color Keyed

Swing-Away Steering Wheel

Twice-A-Year Maintenance

Turn Signals


Windshield Wiper, Hydraulic

Wheel Covers



Sports Roadster (Standard Features)



Chrome Plated Wire Wheels

Simulated Knock-Off Hubcaps

Special Tinneau Cover of Fibre Glass

Distinctive Exterior and Interior Ornamentation

Assit Bar on Instrumaent Panel



Optional Equipment and Accessories



Air Conditioner

Battery, Heavy Duty

Door Edge Guards

Engine, 390 (6V)

Fender Shields

Floor Mats

Leather Trims

Locking Gap Cap

License Plate Frame

Power Seates

Power Windows

Radio, AM/FM

Rear Seat Speaker

Seat Belts



Tinted Glass-All Around

Tinted Windshield

Tool Kit

Wheel Covers, Simulated Knock-Off

Windshield Washers