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fashion courses nottingham
  • A city in east central England, the county town of Nottinghamshire; pop. 261,000
  • Nottingham is a city and unitary authority area in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom. It is located in the ceremonial county of Nottinghamshire, and is one of eight members of the English Core Cities Group.
  • The British space rock group Hawkwind have been active since 1969, but their earliest video release is Night Of The Hawk from their Earth Ritual Tour recorded at Ipswich on the 9th March 1984.
  • Prior to its uniform adoption of proportional representation in 1999, the United Kingdom used first-past-the-post for the European elections in England, Scotland and Wales.
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The Adams Building, Stoney Street, Lace Market
The Adams Building, Stoney Street, Lace Market
The Adams Building is probably the largest and finest example of a Victorian lace warehouse to survive in the country, and has been listed as Grade II* (of architectural or historical interest). Opened on 10 July, 1855, the building is named after its original owner Thomas Adams (1817 - 1873), a Victorian industrialist with strong Quaker views and a deep social conscience. He selected the Nottingham architect Thomas Chambers Hine who adopted a distinctly 'Anglo-Italian' style for the principal elevations. Between them, they created a building which, for a variety of social and architectural reasons, is quite unique. Thomas Adams was a lace manufacturer and a committed Christian and philanthropist. He was determined to provide humane conditions and good facilities for his workforce. A large area of the basement (now Floor B) was designed as a chapel (with a company chaplain and vestry) where more than 500 workers and managers would take part in a service before starting work. Indoor toilets, washing facilities and tea rooms were provided for staff, and there are records of a sick fund, savings bank and book club. Heating was provided by a mixture of coal and patent warm-air flues brought through ducts from a heat exchanger at the boiler. These amenities were at the forefront of mid-Victorian factory design, and the Adams factory was regarded as a model example of its kind by contemporary factory inspectors. The front of the building is in Stoney Lane and it was later extended along St Mary's Gate to the rear, and finally, along Warser Gate. In the process, this incorporated a building at the end of King's Place, which is a rare survivor of a tenement lace or hosiery factory, dating from the early 19th Century and used at various times in its early life as a Roman Catholic chapel. The Adams Company closed the factory in 1950, and the building was sub-divided into what quickly became a poorly-maintained warren of small businesses. The Adams Building was in a serious state of decline, and in 1996, it was acquired by the Lace Market Heritage Trust, which restored and imaginatively converted it to a new use in part as a College of Further and Higher Education for the City campus of New College Nottingham. Many of the courses held here (such as fashion and textiles) continue the traditional purpose of the building for the design and manufacture of clothing, and the building provides education, training and business support in 'state of the art' facilities, meeting the needs of individuals and the growing service sector. The ?16.5 million restoration project, assisted by grant-aid from the Heritage Lottery Fund and European Regional Development Fund, triggered a revitalisation of the Lace market district as a whole, making it a sought-after area in which to live and work. The Adams Building was officially re-opened by HRH the Prince of Wales on 5 February 1999, and in 2002, New College Nottingham was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education.
4P) Chelsea Broadley - 'Meeting Me'
4P) Chelsea Broadley - 'Meeting Me'
Name: Chelsea Broadley University: Nottingham Trent University. Course: Photography BA Hons. Date of Graduation: 2010 Category: Portraiture. Image Title: Meeting Me. Format & Equipment: Digital – Using Nikon D40x, Nikon 18-55mm lens and tripod. Presentation details, framing style/dimension cm: The image is intended to be A2, with a 2.5cm surrounding off white mount within a thick silver frame. The image is intended to be hung at eye level in order to enhance a confrontation with audience and the other self within the image. Description/ Background of the piece (100 words max): The image has been influenced by the stereotypical punk fashion of the early 1980’s. This style reflected the economic position of the time, as society was under financial strain. This could be construed as a direct comparison to the current economic circumstances. The image is a self-portrait in which I explore an inner self in the context of 1980’s fashion. The reflection questions the real, as there is a confrontation of a possible other self and questions the era that it belongs.

fashion courses nottingham
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