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  • The Latest Fashion is the second studio album from Welsh alternative rock band Attack! Attack!. The album is due to be released on 27 September 2010 and will feature the single Not Afraid. The band released the track No Excuses as a free download from the Hassle records website.
  • the present time or age; "the world of today"; "today we have computers"
  • on this day as distinct from yesterday or tomorrow; "I can't meet with you today"
  • This present day
  • The present period of time
  • nowadays: in these times; "it is solely by their language that the upper classes nowadays are distinguished"- Nancy Mitford; "we now rarely see horse-drawn vehicles on city streets"; "today almost every home has television"
latest fashion today - Milady's Standard
Milady's Standard Textbook of Cosmetology 2000 Edition (Softcover)
Milady's Standard Textbook of Cosmetology 2000 Edition (Softcover)
For over 60 years, Milady's Standard Textbook of Cosmetology has been the textbook of choice for cosmetology education. Used in 48 countries and developed in 5 languages, Milady's Standard is recognized as the undisputed
industry leader and primary source of the most current and comprehensive cosmetology education available for cosmetology students. This newly revised edition continues to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to pass state licensing exams and provide professional cosmetology services. Drawing on the input and expertise of many industry leaders, educators, and artists, this revised textbook gives students a thorough understanding of both the theory and practice of all pertinent subjects. And for the very first time, the frontmatter of the textbook includes an overview/definition of the National Skills Standards for Entry Level Cosmetologists, developed by the Cosmetology Advancement Foundation (CAF).

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I received a tour from a very prominent (and very talented) architect of one of his recently finished projects. He proudly told the group I was with that his studio completely rejected fashion and current trends: they refused to even allow any magazines in the office. I did not realize until later what the implications of that actually were. There are enough general arguments against that mindset that I feel comfortable putting forth the thesis contained in this piece, but let me add another: today's architecture has an absurdly low expected lifespan. If a building lasts fifty years, it is unusual. How could one possibly think it would then be a good idea to remove oneself from movements in modern design? Today's architects will never build a monument on scale with the Greek and Roman monuments they spend so much of their lives admiring.
Fashion Queen Barbie again!
Fashion Queen Barbie again!
Fashion Queen Barbie trying to blend in with the younger crowd. She ran away from my house last night, and today I found her in a toy store. She was really upset, because they placed a ON SALE sticker on her box!!....A Girly Barbie Fashionista was later found tied up in the bathroom..... (La Barbie Fashion Queen tratando de mezclarse con los jovenes, se escapo de casa anoche y hoy la encontre en una jugueteria, furiosa por que la colocaron en liquidacion. Una Fashionista fue encontrada luego, ! atada en el bano!)

latest fashion today
latest fashion today
Celebration Barbie Special Edition 2000 Holiday Barbie Doll
Item is in stock and ready to ship.

Commemorating the millennium, this special 2000 Edition Celebration Barbie doll kicks off a new thousand-year cycle and, in turn, becomes a coveted collectible. Barbie appears in a fitted, backless bodice featuring vertical stripes of shining silver and randomly attached large silver snowflakes. A chic shawl neckline is made of fluffy white fur (a passable imitation of white mink) that hugs her neck and shoulders. But the skirt of the gown is the clincher, comprising four exquisite layers. The first two are a plain underskirt attached to a semipetticoat of glitter-encrusted lace. The third is a golden, satinlike fabric with a striking cutaway front. The top layer is a white mesh skirt that flares out from Barbie's trim waist and is decorated with generous amounts of glitter, more snowflakes, and a cutaway front. The gown is removable--thanks to a Velcro back panel--so Barbie can wear something else after the millennium buzz starts to wear off.
Barbie 2000--as gorgeous as ever--dons her hair and makeup in a simple but elegant fashion. Rich, formal colors coat her lips and eyes, accentuating a perfect smile and flawlessly arched eyebrows. Controlled twists of hair frame her face, and a golden tiara guides her long, straight blonde hair down her back. For accessories, Barbie wears a matching gold choker, twinkling gold earrings, a gold ring, and gold pumps. She brings to the new millennium a gift for you as well: a holiday ornament emblazoned with "2000" and decked with glitter and those silver snowflakes. Hang it wherever you'd like a festive reminder of this special year. As a collectible, the doll thoughtfully comes with a matching gold stand, as well as a two-year guaranteed warranty. --Diane Beall

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