Korean Fashion Glasses

korean fashion glasses
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  • Of or relating to North or South Korea or its people or language
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  • the Altaic language spoken by Koreans

MISS JOAQIUM fabric brooch corsage pin 2 Aug 2008
MISS JOAQIUM fabric brooch corsage pin 2 Aug 2008
VITAMINCODE : MISS JOAQIUM fabric brooch by VitaminJ This is my 6th handsewn fabric brooch. I've named MISS JOAQIUM. Comes with a corsage pin at the back. You can pin them onto blouses, jackets, hats, bags, junky jewellery n even shoes. Diameter about 6cm. 'Born' 2 Aug 2008. The beautiful floral print dark blue fabric comes from a brand new Korean blouse. The sleeves were too tight so I've restructured the top into a vest before wearing. 'Cloning' is not possible. The slightly stretchy light grey cotton comes from a brand new tube that was too small:( (they didn't allow trying for tubes). I've used half of it to restructure a NAF-NAF tank into a sailor-style top. I probably have enough to make another small brooch. I've added two very lovely glass-like transparent plastic buttons with shimmey flakes inside from my button collection. These brooches look simple but trimming the edges, fraying them slightly for effect and rearranging the layers to perfection sure take me quite a while. I'm quite a perfectionist so I took pain to sew ensure the stitches are neat even at the back. Brooches stored in clean, dry box after photography. Pardon my average photography skills. Photos don't do justice to their beauty. I do take pride, however, in presenting my crafts in their exact colour tones n textures. To know more about me & my crafts, refer to my profile.^^ ***My own design & I take pride in it. Be nice & don't copy or claim it as your own. Tks***
Styled by gabba_a. Granted, I would never have put this together for myself, but I loved wearing it! Thanks for helping me expand my boundaries. And let me just say that there is nothing in the world like cold, fresh coconut milk. Nothing! dyed seed bead necklace, thrifted green dress worn as jacket, thrifted blown glass ring, african festival vintage tooled leather bag, a neighbor giveaway from a while back michael stars longsleeve tee, thrifted lavender corduroy skirt, thrifted purple knee-highs, korean street vendor brown lace-up boots, neighborhood church rummage sale Today's song is "Dancing Drums" by Ananda Shankar, since I spent the afternoon in Chicago's Indo-Pak neighborhood.

korean fashion glasses
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