Girls Fashion Tops

girls fashion tops
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girls fashion tops - Akademiks "Faux
Akademiks "Faux Crochet" 2-Piece Outfit (Sizes 4 - 6X) - fuschia/purple, 6
Akademiks "Faux Crochet" 2-Piece Outfit (Sizes 4 - 6X) - fuschia/purple, 6
Street. Smart. That's Akademiks, and this is the outfit. Made of soft jersey, the top has a layered design, with T-shirt trim below the midriff. The upper portion is hooded, ruffled at the shoulders, and adorned with a faux crocheted logo graphic. The matching bootcut jeans are made of raw-style denim, with an adjustable elastic waistband and a reprise of the crocheted design embroidered on the back pocket. Sure to turn heads. Top 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester Jeans 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex Machine Wash Cold Made in China

82% (18)
Bratz Next Top Model!!!!
Bratz Next Top Model!!!!
My first ever BNTM will have auditions open on August 14. More detail will come when the audition booth (XD) opens.
MDFT - Etapa Poa
MDFT - Etapa Poa
Isabeli Fontana, Renata Kuerten, Ana Beatriz Barros e Izabel Goulart 10'04'11

girls fashion tops
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