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Celebrity Fashion Outfits

celebrity fashion outfits
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celebrity fashion outfits - Cher Doll
Cher Doll & Her Celebrity Friends: With Fashions by Bob MacKie (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
Cher Doll & Her Celebrity Friends: With Fashions by Bob MacKie (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
During the 1970s, the real Cher wore Bob Mackie designs for her TV show as well as for galas and other public appearances. Presented here are the fashions that Mego Corporation recreated, perfect little miniatures captured in doll-size. This vast array of designs showcases Mackie's flair for the dramatic, his gift of the glitz, and his love for the show-biz statement. Fans will be amazed by how many doll-size versions of the real Cher's fashions they recognize and remember. The 1970s live again in baring tops and billowy bell bottoms, slinky metallic gowns, and of course, stretch polyester. It's pure fun turning the pages to see each fashion, with names like "Herky Jerky," "Jumperoo," and "Midnight Blue," in scenes that works the name of the outfit into the action. There are over fifty designs for the Cher doll by Mackie and many more for the other Mego fashion dolls like Farrah, Diana Ross, Toni Tennille, and of course, Sonny. With values in the captions, this is a must-have reference book for fans of Cher and all her celebrity friends!

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Disco outfit --- FOR FREE
Disco outfit --- FOR FREE
*Outfit: :::TIRA::: Celebrities dress (0L$ on xstreet) *Hair: MRS-Exotic Black ( 0L$ on xstreet) *Shoes: PB- Classic Pump (0L$ on xstreet) *Necklace: AlienBear Design- AlienBearXAgnes (0L$ on street) *Earrings: JCNY- Atlantis Getaway (0L$ on street pack) *Gloves: Miamai- Johanne (free gift in hunt) *Socks: Miamai- Tokio (free gift in hunt) *Eyes: Edge Grafica- 30 diseased (0L$ on xstreet) *Eyelashes: Full pack/7 kind of eyelashes (0L$ on xstreet)
Esclusivi Moda Donna / Womens Designer Fashion outfits / Exclusive Collection
Esclusivi Moda Donna / Womens Designer Fashion outfits / Exclusive Collection
Page 3 Fashion is one of the hottest retailers of high-end specialty beachwear and apparel on the planet! We have been on the cutting edge of designer beachwear for more than 12 years. The Page 3 Fashion name and reputation are among the most recognized in the garment industry. Our success is attributed to our unmatched product offering and personal services.

celebrity fashion outfits
celebrity fashion outfits
Chocolate Leg Warmer by KD dance doubles as Arm Warmer - Knit Rib Stretch - Made In New York - A Color For Every Outfit
More comfortable than a celebrity on the red carpet, the designs by KD Dance make getting dressed to practice your dance, yoga or Pilates moves a coveted and long-overdue kind of chic. That is what happens when two professional dancers channel their energy into design. And its what attracts style hunters for Hollywood and fashion magazines like German Vogue to KD Dance. Jennifer Lopez knows. Rent her 2004 movie, Shall We Dance. Youwill see. The designs made by KD Dance do not cling to your body. Your body clings to them. The designs first created in 1980 by Tricia Kaye and David Lee in the San Francisco Bay Area where the two danced professionally, used an approach no one had ever seen before. The inventive knit they came up with was the beginning of a new kind of comfortable: thin, soft, sweater shorts, tops and bodysuits that breathe and hug the body in a way no other clothing ever could. As dancers, creating beautiful silhouettes with the body came naturally. KD Dance designs honor every inch of that aesthetic. The first designs were created for dancers. But that changed when Lee danced for the Oakland Ballet. He and fellow dancer, Rodney Yee, took their first yoga class. The experience was so profound for both of them, Lee began creating designs with yoga in mind, too. Now based in New York, along with a retail store in NoHo that opened in 1996, the line remains its own genre that do not look or feel like anything else out there.

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