Wine and grape kitchen decor - Bratt decor changing table.

Wine And Grape Kitchen Decor

wine and grape kitchen decor
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wine and grape kitchen decor - Grapes Wine
Grapes Wine Kitchen Utensil Tool Set Decor Pitcher 7 Piece
Grapes Wine Kitchen Utensil Tool Set Decor Pitcher 7 Piece
Take yourself away to a charming Tuscany countryside every time you reach for one of your cooking tools. This gorgeous 7 piece grape shaped utensil pitcher is perfect for a country cottage, or for anyone who would love to live in one! Ceramic, hand painted. Fresh purple grapes and lush green leaves make up the pitcher that holds all of your cooking instruments . The bundle of grapes that is the pitcher measures approx. 7.5"H x 5.75"W x 8.25"L. It also includes the following tools and they measure appprox. 10" each: 1 Wooden Spoon, 1 Fork, 1 Spautula, 1 Meat Tendizer Mallet, 1 wooden Stirring Spoon, 1 Metal Whisk. Very nicely boxed to make a great gift!

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Here is my kitchen on a fairly clean day. See how tiny it is. I guess in the 1930's you didn't need much space. The refrigerator is hiding the washer and dryer. And to my side, not in view, is a little hutch. Otherwise this is the whole of my kitchen. I'm standing in the doorway. There is actually a blog post to go along with this photo but I can't figure out how to link it.
new kitchen
new kitchen
60s kitchen unit (moved over from where it really sits to try and catch some extra light!) *sending a big thank you out to Yse6 for tipping me off to one, so lovely of you to remember how much i had coveted this kitchen unit! THANK YOU!*

wine and grape kitchen decor
wine and grape kitchen decor
TUSCANY GRAPES 3-Dimensional Grape Key Towel Hooks Hanger *NEW*
Take a look at this BRAND NEW Grapes 3-dimensional Key Hooks / Towel Hanger Wall Plaque. This piece is very pretty with vibrant colors, lots of detail, and a very unique design. The grape bundles are in 3-D design and stick up off of the plaque a great deal. The word "Welcome" is embossed just above the hooks. There are three hooks to hang whatever you need. There are hooks attached on the back for easy hanging. The whole piece measures approx. 9" x 8" x 2.5". It is made of a sturdy grade and high quality resin. This will make a great addition to your decor or this would make a wonderful gift for any Grapes Lover! Please don't forget to take a look at our many other Grape design items of this same design set and other styles!