Western Kitchen Decor

western kitchen decor
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western kitchen decor - Wagon Wheel
Wagon Wheel Bench
Wagon Wheel Bench
People who choose natural materials over plastic and steel for their outdoor decor, often have a theme in mind. For those who like the western look, we?ve lassoed a real prize ? a wagon wheel bench! Imagine the end of a long day on the work trail, and setting your weary bones down on this handsome seat to enjoy the sunset from the patio, instead of riding off into it. Of course, it would look equally as good under a tree or over by the fish pond, where you can relax and dangle a line with no hook, just to pretend you?re not wasting time. Beautiful, rustic western design! Wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charges. 42 1/4 x 21 x 31 inches high.

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Western along the Sea Wall
Western along the Sea Wall
An unidentified Western Class 52 runs along the sea wall on the approach to Teignmouth with a down train on a fine afternoon in August 1975 ; the crew are taking a close interest in the photographer.
Western Kingbird IMG 6170edttpz
Western Kingbird  IMG 6170edttpz
Western Kingbird, Tirano de Bordes Blancos Ranchito Rd Laredo Tx

western kitchen decor
western kitchen decor
Western Horse Cowgirl Wall Hanging Accessories by JoJo Designs
These adorable wall hangings by JoJo Designs have been created to coordinate with the matching children's sets. This will complete the look and feel of this adorable bedroom theme for your child. These plush handcrafted wall art hangings are great to add dimension and a splash of color to any bedroom. These wall hangings also make great gifts. You will receive a set of 3 wall hangings that are made by JoJo Designs and goes with the matching set perfectly. Even if you have not purchased a JoJo bedding set, these wonderful plush wall decorations, can enhance the decor of any child's room.