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Western Iron Decor

western iron decor
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western iron decor - Cowboy Six
Cowboy Six Shooter Cast Iron Metal Gun Towel Ring
Cowboy Six Shooter Cast Iron Metal Gun Towel Ring
Cowboy Six Shooter Cast Iron Metal Gun Towel Ring is an old west cowboy-style cast iron revolver towel ring. This beautiful piece of bath decor features a wall plate cast in the shape of an antique pistol, a spiral-forged iron towel ring, and beautiful oil-based rustic brown distressed antique finish. The cowboy 6 shooter towel ring measures 8 x 4 inches overall, with a large 7 inch ring for hanging your towels. You could presumably use the ring as an outdoor horse hitch tie as well if desired! Metal gun towel rack would look great in your bathroom! The antique-style pistol towel rack mounts through two pre-drilled holes in the cast iron gun, ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging, and weighs about 1lb. Indoors or outside, the cowboy six shooter towel ring features a high quality finish and will look like it did the day you bought it for years to come!

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Wagon Wheel Western Art Iron Table
Wagon Wheel Western Art Iron Table
Blacksmith western decor forged iron designs and furnishings by renowned cowboy artist Tolley Marney are unique additions to any western theme home. ┬ęTolley Marney, MarneyArtworks@gmail.com
Blacksmith wrought iron barstools
Blacksmith wrought iron barstools
Western decor is uniquely yours with these decorative iron forged furniture from blacksmith and cowboy artist Tolley Marney ┬ęTolley Marney, MarneyArtworks@gmail.com

western iron decor