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decorate your room online free
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[19:29] Denise Domela rounded the corner her eyes avoiding the situation on the street she nearly bumps into Beth "ohh so sorry" she pause realizing she knows this girl "oh hey Beth...wasn't watchin where i was goin" [19:29] Velia Benelli nods and slings her rifle. Instead of taking the stairs down she drops to the grating and grabs it swinging herself down and dropping to the wall below right above Beth. Once she rises she smiles down at the blonde womand tilts her head "I do hope you won't need coaxing like the mutant" [19:30] Adelei Shinn approached the pistols and picked each one up, tucking them into her belt, though kept her eyes scouring the surroundings for other threats nearby. Where there was one neko, there was bound to be others. "Yes, Captain. To the LDC?" [19:30] sky Schildhauer cowered again, whimpered when the cuffs dug into her skin she couldnt prevent him from pressing down on her neck, froze instead as she felt the bottom of his boot against her skin...she felt blood drying on her body, some still flowing from her wounds she didnt see the new arrival, she coughed up more blood though and lay there completely still or as much as possable, her tail now tucked away between her thighs [19:33] beth Latynina being jared by Denise bumping into her she stumbles forward slightly before regaining her balance, startled as the female marine approaches over to her, not understanding at first as she had just been watching but then remembering as she was told anyone could be picked up for any reason just nods toward her," nope no need to coax" ready to move off with her [19:34] Azazel Steig let his gaze linger on beth for a moment, then shifted to the other new commer...two was enough for the night he mused silently.He looked to Shinn then and nodded" This one " He pressed his foot tighter to the Nekos neck" take to the med bay..The other, to the booking area" [19:36] Denise Domela stood frozen as the marine neared Beth, her eyes still avoiding the struggle on to her left, giving Beth a concerned look she whispered "are you okay?" [19:37] Velia Benelli hopped off the wall behind Beth and gives a once over look to Denise before reaching out to gently take Beth by the arm and escort her towards the other entrance "She'll be fine ma'am" [19:37] Adelei Shinn nodded. She holstered the MP7 and reached for her pistol, tugging it free as she approached hte neko. "Med bay. Leave 'er secured, Captain?" She smiled slightly and bent forward to yank the neko up by her arm. "On your feet, mutant." [19:38] sky Schildhauer tensed further but didnt move, she knew how delicate the neck was...fear prickled her skin and she clawed at the tarmac in her fear, she swallowed too but her mouth was parched, dry and she felt a lump form in her throat, making it nearly impossable to speak even if shed wanted to. Sweat shimmered across her skin and she heard her heart as it beat painfully against her chest...she cried out when she was yanked uo suddently, pain shot through her body and she stumbled, barely able to see clearly she struggled to stand, almost falling [19:38] beth Latynina just smiles to Denise to let her know am alright before with arm held, turns to walk with the marine [19:40] Velia Benelli slides her card and enters her code before opening the door, when she's in she points to the couch "Please have a seat." [19:42] beth Latynina walks following her down the stairs to the detention area trembling some even as she knows she has the proper paperwork, sighs inwardly as she just knows her ass will be mud when Stephan finds out, can hear him know why did you not walk away when they started to shoot, looks around as she just waits [19:43] Velia Benelli leans on the wall and tilts her head "You have any weapons on you?" she could see that the woman was nervous but she tried to not scare her too much more [19:44] beth Latynina looks up at that question," no weapons does not know how to shoot an gun and only wears dagger if goes to Midian" [19:45] Velia Benelli nods "So no dagger right now?" [19:45] beth Latynina shakes head," no it is home" [19:46] Velia Benelli nods and smiles "Good. Can I get you some water or something while you wait?" [19:47] beth Latynina smiles at her," water please" [19:49] Velia Benelli nods and goes into the room with the cage, she leans down and opens a hidden cooler and pulls out a bottle of water. She checks the cap to besure it was still intact before going back out and handing it to Beth [19:50] beth Latynina reaches out for the bottled water as unscrewing the top take and drink, helping to calm her nerves some as she smiles," thank you" pondering where Stephan is hiding [19:52] Velia Benelli nods and takes a step back, she speaks into her com and smiles warmly at beth [19:55] Ve
Uma olhada na minha mesa... Eh aqui que eu (tento) estudo todo dia. Nao eh um lugar muito organizado de vez em quando mas eh beleza....

A look in my room. Also, because I wanted to post some photos in the group 'In My Room' but never had resources... Now I do!
Here is where I (try to) study every day....

decorate your room online free