Bug Wall Decor

bug wall decor
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bug wall decor - RoomMates RMK1021SCS
RoomMates RMK1021SCS Jelly Bugs Peel and Stick Wall Decals
RoomMates RMK1021SCS Jelly Bugs Peel and Stick Wall Decals
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Keeps Bugs Away, essential oil scented natural palm wax pillar candle
Keeps Bugs Away, essential oil scented natural palm wax pillar candle
A bug repelling all natural candle, scented with the essential oils, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, and Eucalyptus. The handmade natural palm wax pillar candle is called Keeps Bugs Away. This is a bigger than usual pillar for Candles by Donald measuring 4 inches in diameter and 4 1/2 inches tall. The 1 pound 12 ounce bright orange (28 ounce) candle is fragranced to the maximum of 6 % by weight as recommended by the palm wax distributer. The wick is the correct size for this candle and performs perfectly by gradually increasing the wax pool diameter each time you burn the candle. The candle will tunnel for a while which will create a lantern effect as the candle burns down. At around the halfway point, the top of the tunnel wall will begin to erode becoming consumed by the candle. This candle will burn longer each time you light it than the 3 inch diameter pillar candle. My recommendation is to check the candle at 2 1/2 hours, and then you decide how much longer for this lighting. One important thing to remember, do not allow the wax pool to break through the sidewall of the pillar. Keep the wick centered and place the candle in an area absent of drafts. Accidents happen so be sure to use a proper pillar plate or saucer when burning this candle. Does the candle work? Yes, the candle works well providing the area is not too big, and there is little or no wind. Using two or more candles will give you better results when the area is larger. The scent though unpleasant for the insects is light, fresh, lemony, and clean smelling to candle lovers.
Polymer Clay Millefiori Bugs
Polymer Clay Millefiori Bugs
using my recycled disc-chic metal discs, polymer clay, rhinestones and wire. I've always wanted to make some bugs of clay, once i saw Dorothy Grenolds bugs i told myself i would do those one day :) since i have so many metal discs i wanted to use them as a part of the body so the bugs are rounded :), though it's doesn't look like a real bug, they are kind of cute! My Entry to the Mix-Media PCAGOE August Challenge

bug wall decor
bug wall decor
"r" Pink Butterfly Alphabet Letter Name Wall Sticker - baby nursery girls room decor baby nursery girls room decor decoration decorations mural stickers bedroom
Bugs-n-Blooms specializes in nylon butterfly decorations, hanging dragonflies, ladybug decor, bumble bees and daisy flower decor for your little girls nursery or bedroom. Our butterflies are designed to coordinate with any bedding to create a stunning garden themed room using our dragonfly, ladybugs, bumble bees and daisy flower decor. Our elegant nylon accessories are perfect to hang from the ceiling or attach to the walls. All of Bugs-n-Blooms hanging decorations are made with a soft bendable wire frame and nylon fabric; which are nicely accented with sequins, glitter, and/or beads. Our stunning butterfly decorations can also add a special touch to a butterfly wedding, girls butterfly birthday party, baby shower, or a corporate event. Our hanging decorations come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Our decorative designs are perfect for any room in the house; making a home cheerful & colorful. At Bugs-n-Blooms we also have beautiful butterfly costumes, which include butterfly wings, tutu skirts, butterfly wands and headbands. You can use our beautiful butterfly decorations and dress up costumes to decorate your little girls butterfly themed birthday party. All of our dress up costumes coordinates beautifully together. She can even wear the fairy costume, fairy wings and fairy wands for every day dress up play, dance recitals, photo shoots, weddings, parties or even as a Halloween costume.