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Large Furniture Glides

large furniture glides
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large furniture glides - Large/Chocolate Brown-
Large/Chocolate Brown- Furniture Floor Protector -4 Pack Sofa Floor Protection
Large/Chocolate Brown- Furniture Floor Protector -4 Pack Sofa Floor Protection
These patent pending furniture socks will protect your hardwood, bamboo, laminate and tile floors from scratches and mars with their heavy duty thickness. They feature super strong elastic from top to bottom and rubber grippers on the inside to keep them in place. So easy to install and they can be folded down at the top for a fashionable cuff or pulled up high without the cuff. One package contains 4 Large ribbed furniture socks, perfect for 1 sofa, chair, table or barstool. This is a Dark Brown color designed to compliment medium to dark wood furniture. Size Large fits approx. 2 1/2 inch to 3 1/4 inch furniture legs. Please see size chart in pictures. *sizes are approximate

77% (8)
Deerson Nightstand
Deerson Nightstand
Maple interior drawers Full extension glides Drawer dovetail construction Auturm Oak 1/4 Sawn White Oak The Deerson bedroom furniture is a solid, set of furniture with mission/prairie style paneling. The bed posts are sold wood and designed to be sturdy and durable. The rectangle paneling and square posting provide a simple and beautiful design. We have several photos showing the dimensions of the features of this bed. The bed has a similar footboard or is a solid frame without. The companion nightstands have similar paneling with the top drawer having a complimentary arch. The drawers are full extension glides and the drawer interior is dovetailed maple construction. The photos shown are a White Oak Quarter-Sawn with Autumn oak finish. The white oak quarter-sawn has the large flakes and rifts of cross-cut grain that were a hallmark of Mission style furniture a nearly century ago.
Brand new still in store!
Brand new still in store!
Brand new elegant 5 drawer chest set for bedroom or living room... Experience Asian elegance at its peak with the Pusan range, defined by its thick beveled edges and antiquated brass handles giving the room a regal, refined air. The rest of the lines are left clean and unembellished for a modern, updated look producing a fusion of modern classic and ethnic Oriental. Using advance technology for wood moulding and veneering combined with traditional methods of furniture construction for a high quality and durable piece. All drawer glides use a traditional groove cutting technique and joints feature corner block jointing. Bought chest set and it was a little to large for the space intended. Original price almost $1400, now at $850 (40% off!) Delivery can be arranged right to your doorstep as item is still in the store. Contact KC @ 97606834 or

large furniture glides