About these 1958 Studebaker Scotsman Truck Decals

1958 Studebaker Scotsman Truck decals are now available for the first time.  The full 3 piece decal set has been resurrected after some extensive research and review of existing decals. During that research several interesting bits of information were learned. To the best of my knowledge:

* There was probably never a Studebaker part number issued for the Scotsman decals,
* The 1958 decals may possibly be the earliest automotive decal used to designate the name of a vehicle.
* The original decals were in all likelihood silk screened on to a decal type material which had limited durability to weathering; although some samples have survived over 50 years.

The examples remaining today are usually fractured, have lost much of their original detail and are often very degraded. I reviewed over a dozen existing decals to assure these hand crafted reproductions would be as accurate as possible.  While modern technology and graphic software could have made these new decals “perfect” care was taken to mirror the original decals and their “classic hand crafted imperfections”.

The originals were not symmetrical. The scotch plaid background was not evenly spaced.   The slightly off symmetrical border shape of the hood decal and the original hand drawn letters had inconsistencies.  The declining crispness of the silk screens during production created slightly different characteristics in some decals.  The graphic designers I engaged were required to recreate the original imperfections.  They did a great job!  Holding a reproduction decal along side an old decal makes one appreciate that these are not todays perfect graphic art!  They are as close as possible to being “perfect” reproductions with all the original hand crafted imperfections.

These NEW decals are made on the renowned 3M™ Scotchcal™ film used for today’s automotive decals and should resist weathering, fading and abrasions for years.  The decal imprint and colors are sandwiched within the proprietary Scotchcal 200 film.  These decals were manufactured under exclusive contract to me with a long established, well known reputable nationally known vehicle graphics company that manufactures many vehicle & industrial decals.  They are of the highest quality and will last for decades. The decals are already electronically die cut out so your installation will be easy and look professional.

You can now purchase the complete individually die cut 3 piece set for $49.95 which includes shipping. 
They are shipped in a flat cardboard container, US Priority Mail Postage in the lower 48 states.  If you are outside the Lower 48 US States contact me with your address regarding shipping expense to your location.

These decals continue to be popular. Nice reviews by those purchasing them.  Watch for these new decals showing up on Scotsman Trucks near you.   I had a "LIMITED QUANTITY" manufactured and they are selling well.  If you are thinking about a set now is the time to buy.  I have the decals posted for sale on eBay periodically, if you prefer that method for purchase.  Check Seller: quonset6015 or search: "1958 Scotsman Truck Decals".

Don't have a 1958 Studebaker Truck?   Mount these in a 12" x 24' Picture frame for a unique wall hanger!

You will enjoy these high quality reproductions.  They will look great on your 1958 Scotsman Truck or framed and mounted with your Studebaker memorabilia. Questions welcomed, call or see the Contact Us page to email your questions.

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