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Recent Fashion Articles

recent fashion articles
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recent fashion articles - Vampires: The
Vampires: The Recent Undead
Vampires: The Recent Undead
The undead are more alive today than ever. Immortal? Indeed! Nothing has sunk its teeth into twenty-first century popular culture as pervasively as the vampire. The fangsters have the freedom to fly across all genres and all mediums - there''s even apps for vamps. Whether roaming into romance, haunting horror, sneaking into science fiction, capering into humor, meandering through mystery - no icon is more versatile than the vampire. Slake your insatiable thirst with the best sanguinary stories of the new millennium: terrifying or tender, deadly or delicious, bad-ass or beneficent, classic or cutting-edge.

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Lennards Footware Ltd - Staple Hill
Lennards Footware Ltd - Staple Hill
Article Published in the Illustrated Bristol News 1962. BRISTOL HAS A LONG CONNECTION Wlth the shoe industry, and Lennard Ltd., which has its headquarters at Soundwell Road, Staple Hill, has been in existence for nearly 70 years. Lennards was founded in 1896 by five Lennard brothers, Samuel, John, William, Barry and Thomas (later to become Sir Thomas) in a factory in Asylum Street, because the boot & shoe trade in East Bristol is hundred's of years old.. They traded under the name of Lennards Brothers, Leicester, and when eventually the partnership was dissolved Sir Thomas became managing director of the Public Benefit Boot Company which bought twenty branches and gradually began expanding in London, Devon, Somerset and South Wales. In those days Sir Thomas took it upon himself to visit every branch personally and he is said to have travelled 20,000 miles by train a year in doing so. Progress was particularly strong in the South of England and it was generally thought that Bristol in the South West would make an appropriate new centre, Not only because the boot & shoe trade in East Bristol is hundred's of years old and much older than Leicester... It was therefore decided to transfer the business stage by stage. First, the men’s goods were transferred in June, 1898, with the remaining departments of the warehouse following the next year. These were housed in an old factory in Temple Street. When the transfer was completed the men’s department was moved from Victoria Street to a small establishment in Bridge Street and the business remained in three separate buildings for three years until the completion of the new building in Queens Road, Clifton. This property, later known as Lennards Corner, was built specially for the company after Sir Thomas had purchased a whole rank of houses several of which were demolished to make way for the new headquarters. At this time the business in Bristol was still known as the Public Benefit Boot Company but early in the twentieth century the name was changed to Lennards Limited and by a series of business deals brought the number of Lennards Branches by 1930 to 250. In 1938 the headquarters of Lennards was transferred from Queens Road to the present premises at Staple Hill which has been the company’s ‘home’ ever since. It is an accepted fact that today Lennards represent a household name with branches of footwear shops in almost every city and important town in the country from Penzance in the South to Carlisle and Newcastle in the North. In the last ten years the business has grown tremendously with new Branches being opened in the major cities, also abroad in Nigeria and Ghana. The Lennards subsidiary groups consist also of Printing works and Shopfitting department and much of the shop decoration that customers see in Lennards Branches everywhere has been carried out from designs and colour schemes chosen by their Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. G. R. Mount. A fleet of ten vans cover a total of some 4,000 miles a week delivering stocks of every conceivable type of shoe which have all been carefully checked and examined at the headquarters at Staple Hill. Lennards are particularly well known as multiple retailers of high fashion ladies’ footwear, quality men’s shoes and a wide range of children’s shoes which can meet any taste in design and size. Shoes are imported from Italy, France and Belgium and an interesting facet of the expansion of Lennards in recent years is in its establishing eight shops in Nigeria and seven in Ghana which have sprung up from the first founded by Mr. Mount about eight years ago. Another side of the company has so far not been mentioned. This is its export mail order department. It is in many ways a separate operation. It deals in a fantastic range of articles — shoes (of course), watches, jewellery, household goods such as cutlery, menswear, musical instruments, to mention but a few. Manager of the Lennards mail order export division is Mr. R. W. Shelton who recalls that the first address he can find dates back to 1901 when a pair of shoes were sent to a customer in South Africa. By 1909 the mail order business was becoming established with an ever-increasing range in merchandise which grew little by little, until a general service of mail order stores could supply almost anything anyone might ask for. This merchandise bought direct from the manufacturers continued and in 1949 for the first time in the company’s history Mr. Shelton undertook an extensive tour of Africa aimed at exploring new avenues of trade. It is not surprising, therefore, to learn that last year Lennards mail order department sold goods to customers in no less than 98 countries—including two customers in Russia. All this is done from the premises at Staple Hill, and Mr. Shelton is especially interested in the Common Market and to this end a German linguist has been employed with a view to publishing the Lennards catalogues in German. The mail
Gold Dog
Gold Dog
Artists: Noah Harris and Chris Angelkov Noah Harris is a director, graphic designer and writer. Noah comes from a traditional design background. His now defunct design firm Precursor enjoyed a highly successful 5 years merging large scale branding projects for clients such as MTV, Channel 4, Rare and the BBC, with boutique design work for record labels, club promoters, arts organisations and fashion designers. Noah’s short films, Anomaly and Quietus garnered international attention and enabled him to visit the far reaches of the globe to give lectures, notably at the Beijing Film Academy, The Bitfilm festival in Hamburg, The Nemo festival in Paris and onedotzero in London. Noah has recently started to write about design and the arts with a recent article for Grafik magazine on the young Scottish artist Toby Paterson. Noah has also lectured and set projects for students at Chelsea School of Art, Nottingham and Epsom. In 2007, Noah decided it was time to close Precursor and branch out on his own. He immediately pitched for and won the prime job to rebrand E4 for Channel 4 Television. The resulting visual feast mixes stop motion, live action and CG has been widely acknowledged by the press and has since appeared on almost every design blog you’d care to mention. Chris Angelkov has a multi disciplinary design background. From an education in art, photography and graphic design he went on to form his first company straight out of college to personally develop and implement the official club DVD for Manchester United FC with a global distribution. After this success he moved to London and worked on a variety of design and motion projects including his first real directing piece, the promo Freestyle Disco for Si Begg on Mute Records. On the back of this he established the highly successful design agency Precursor with Noah Harris. Precursor ran for 5 years of which he was joint founder and creative director, working on large scale branding projects for clients that include Sony, Nike, MTV, Channel 4, and the BBC. Along with smaller more boutique graphic design projects with record labels, club promoters, arts organisations and fashion designers. During this time his short films Anomaly and Quietus gained global critical acclaim through festivals such as Onedotzero, Bitfilm and Resfest. After closing Precursor in July 2007, Chris took a well earned break from the London creative scene to travel the world for 12 months and invest some in his camera and his pen, exploring creative pursuits outside of the client / agency arena. He is currently back in London designing and directing once again, while also continuing to write and explore the non-commercial avenues, under various monikers, which were researched and developed over the past year.

recent fashion articles
recent fashion articles
Skinit Protective Skin fits recent iPod Touch 2G, iPod, iTouch 2G (Carbon Fiber)
Skins are a vinyl product that generally fits to any phone. Show off your affinity to any association, consumer brand, sports team, college spirit, entertainment. Skinit product has been developed in combination with patented 3M technology. Skinit Skins are designed to be easily removed from any type of electronic device surface without leaving any residue. A special Skinit coating is also applied that also protects your electronic device for several years. Skinit is the only skins personalization company that has been tested and endorsed by over 10 of the largest PC OEM’s and Phone Carriers brands.

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