High Fashion Street

high fashion street
    fashion street
  • Fashion Street refers to a cluster of about 130 to 140 clothing shops on MG Road in South Mumbai, India. Besides clothing, there are also several shoe and jewellery shops.
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high fashion street - Communicating CSR
Communicating CSR in the high street fashion industry: A discussion of CSR communication using Bestseller and H&M as examples
Communicating CSR in the high street fashion industry: A discussion of CSR communication using Bestseller and H&M as examples
As stakeholders and governments pay more attention to the poor working conditions in many developing countries, companies put more emphasis on the need to conduct responsible production as well as their responsibility toward the societies in which they operate. Several scandals within the clothing industry together with outsourcing of production can be seen as contributing factors to the increasing focus on corporate social responsibility. In addition, CSR has gained grounds at both national and international level as governments and large organizations have come up with guidelines to which companies should adhere in order to show that they are responsible corporate citizens. CSR is thus being increasingly implemented into companies’ business strategies, and companies are being scrutinized now more than ever. With this book we wish to discuss the use of CSR communication strategies in corporate communication within the high street fashion clothing industry in order to determine if they use and live up to the national and international standards for reporting on CSR. The book will be based on an analysis and evaluation of the H&M and Bestseller websites.

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Monsoon weathers high street storm as founder receives £16m dividend
Monsoon weathers high street storm as founder receives £16m dividend
Bohemian fashion chain Monsoon has emerged from the downturn in fighting spirit, as its founder Peter Simon receives a bumper ?16.4 million dividend. The pay rise saw an increase from the ?14.7 million Mr Simon collected last year, thanks to Monsoon’s profits before one-off financial charges more than doubling to ?84.3 million in the year to 28 August 2010. A favourite for ethnic styles championed by former employee Matthew Williamson, Monsoon has managed to survive a “difficult and unpredictable economic environment” that saw UK sales fall by 0.5 percent but increase 4.8 percent in overseas like-for-like sales. According to the company Mr Simon is now looking to “further growth opportunities” for Monsoon, including a second attempt at cracking the US market. With a turnover of ?566.7 million and a new logo to boot, Monsoon is one of the UK’s largest privately owned retailers and one to watch in the high street’s survival of the fittest.
Rayleigh High Street postcard (probably 1980s)
Rayleigh High Street postcard (probably 1980s)
This looks very much like the early 1980s to me, if the pedestrians' fashions are anything to go by! Out of shot to the left is the Martyrs' Memorial, the old water pump and trough. Nice to see an old red telephone box - no longer there in 2010. There are shoes outside the shop (the orange and black "SALE" signs) that is now Boots Opticians. I have a feeling this shoe shop might have been either True-Form or Freeman Hardy Willis, but I am open to correction! Webster the Family Butcher is long gone (as has Dewhurst, elsewhere in the town) but you can make out the orange, white and black sign of the Job Centre (now a betting shop). Foster Brothers menswear shop can be seen between the blue and white sign of Barclays Bank and the Job Centre sign. Beyond that is Sansom's, another menswear shop. They also had a shop in Wickford and later moved to premises behind the photographer, which used to be the British Gas showroom.

high fashion street
high fashion street
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