Living Decoration Ideas

living decoration ideas
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living decoration ideas - Christmas with
Christmas with Southern Living 2010: Great Recipes * Easy Entertaining * Festive Decorations * Gift Ideas
Christmas with Southern Living 2010: Great Recipes * Easy Entertaining * Festive Decorations * Gift Ideas
This go-to source for the most scrumptious holiday menus and recipes, easy ideas for seasonal get-togethers, and beautifully festive decorations offer over 100 brand-new recipes, including 6 complete menus that make holiday planning a snap!

Whether you're looking for Superfast Appetizers or Christmas Comfort Food, Bite-Sized Gifts or Breakfast and Brunch Favorites, you're sure to find the perfect recipe for every occasion throughout the holiday season.

Decorating ideas for mantels, trees, and tabletops spring from the pages, offering inspiration for every room in the house. From trimming the tree to setting a lovely holiday table, large, colorful photos make it see-and-do easy.

You'll also find:

Full-color photos for nearly every recipe
Recipe banners to help quickly identify types of recipes, from make-ahead to editor's favorite
A bonus Holiday Planner filled with calendars, charts, and tips to make holiday planning a breeze
A complete cross-referenced recipe index, a decorating index, and a where-to-find-it resource listing for many of the items shown in the book

79% (8)
From a freebie magazine. I really like the blue effect here. It's reminiscient of a model home I visited which has also stuck in my mind. I think I'm going to attempt to turn my living room into something similar. It won't be as fancy, but recreating basic idea of lighting and color is going to be the goal. Update 6 Feb 2006: Bought paint samples. Cleaned wall. Update 12 Feb 2006: Primer applied Update 13 Feb 2006: Blue paint, orange stripe, motif prototype completed. Update 26 June 2007: Matched blue for professional painting by Certapro. Dropped orange motifs for time being.
Future Living Room: One
Future Living Room: One
First bit of the 180 degrees of what will eventually will be mine!

living decoration ideas
living decoration ideas
Country Living Happy Halloween!: Bewitching Parties and Recipes, Enchanting Pumpkins and Decorations, Plus Lots of Other Spine-Tingling Ideas
Boo! Here’s a treat, and that’s no trick: the ultimate guide to the most spine-tingling, family-friendly Halloween ever!
This fun collection takes the best ideas from Country Living’s most successful Halloween titles, and combines them with fabulous new suggestions for celebrating the holiday. Choose from more than 40 pumpkin-carving and craft projects, plus party tips, menus with 50 delicious recipes, and six adorable children’s costume patterns. From making a spooky jack-o’-lantern to baking a devilish chocolate cake (and decorating it with our die-cut cover stencil), these unique and fun ideas will appeal to millions of Country Living readers and Halloween fans.