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1950's Party Decorations

1950's party decorations
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1950's party decorations - 1950's Soda
1950's Soda Shop Scene Kit Party Supplies
1950's Soda Shop Scene Kit Party Supplies
1950's Soda Shop Scene Kit includes: (1) 1950's Neon Border, (1) 1950's Soda Shop Backdrop, (1) 1950's Soda Shop Tables & Stools Props, (1) 1950's Soda Shop Signs & Jukebox Props.

How to install the Scene Kit:
Choose your space
Install backdrop and Border (included)
Finish off your scene with Add Ons (included)
Add-Ons will require scissors to cut pieces from plastic sheets.

Decorations can be hung with adhesive or pins (not included) or Sticky Tack (sold separately).

Please Note: Add-On Wall Decorations contain an assortment of items that are printed on plastic sheets and may need to be cut out separately.

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05 transitron xmas party
05 transitron xmas party
1950's transitron electronic corporation christmas party part of an archival project, featuring the photographs of nick dewolf
Party Baskets and Ballerinas
Party Baskets and Ballerinas
Plastic party baskets from the 50's, vintage ballerina cake decorations and vintage buttons that I purchases from Beth.

1950's party decorations
1950's party decorations
Jeweled Crystal Teardrop Sunglasses
Rock around the clock in true nifty 50s style with our Jeweled Crystal Teardrop Pink Sunglasses. These fancy frames will have you ready to go to the sock hop in your poodle skirt! From the Fanci-Frames collection, our Jeweled Crystal Teardrop Pink Sunglasses feature pink plastic frames with the clear rhinestone jewels at the cat eye corners, tinted lenses and a chain with dangling teardrops hanging from each earpiece. The pink cat eye glasses are unique and stylish with their jeweled rhinestone corners and dangling teardrop stones. They make a great eyewear accessory to any 50s girl costume as well as a party favor giveaway at any 50s or Sock Hop theme party. One size fits teens and adults.