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Sheet Cake Decorating Ideas

sheet cake decorating ideas
    cake decorating
  • Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements to make otherwise plain cakes more visually interesting. Alternatively, cakes can be molded and sculpted to resemble three-dimensional persons, places and things.
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sheet cake decorating ideas - Wilton Checkerboard
Wilton Checkerboard Cake Pan Set
Wilton Checkerboard Cake Pan Set
Create cakes with and exciting multicolored pattern. Easy to use batter dividing ring included. Includes three nonstick pans and plastic dividing ring. Enjoy two tastes in one cake.

He wants chocolate, she wants they can both get their wish with Wilton's checkerboard cake pan set. This clever four-part system uses a simple dividing ring and three pans to stack up an eye-catching, crowd-pleasing treat. Simply place the plastic ring inside one of the 9-by-2-inch pans and fill in the nine sections with two alternating flavors of batter. Remove the ring and place it in the next pan, filling in the opposite pattern for the middle layer. Repeat the step for the third pan, then bake all three cakes in the oven. Once they're cool, simply set one layer on top of the next to create the cheerful checkerboard of flavors. The nonstick steel construction is the optimal metal for the job as it offers even heat distribution while baking, corrosion resistance for years of service, and easy, convenient cleanup in the dishwasher. Extra-wide handles provide cool, mess-free lifting and handling, and each pan holds a generous 5-1/2 cups of batter. Fun for kids' parties, holiday themes, or experimenting with new taste combinations (why limit it to two?), this pan set will bring out the artist in any baker-also included is a recipe booklet to get the ideas rolling. --Kara Karll

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mIMG 2629
mIMG 2629
pre-flowers. You have no idea what I went through for that purple icing. I had run out of the regular white buttercream, and I didn't have any more powdered sugar to make another batch. I was forced to attempt the full blown classic cook to candy ball stage buttercream made with granulated sugar...which I was excited about trying, but it kept melting. I had to dip my hands in ice water to slow down the melting of the pastry bag, then form a dozen or so flowers on a frozen baking sheet 1 or 2 at a time, panicking and throwing it back in the freezer to set before it could melt some more.... I may give wilton buttercream a lot of flak but it's the BEST thing in the world to learn on and play with (just don't eat it). This is why even the simplest of cakes must be planned way in advance. Now I do design planning way before, ingredient purchasing 3 days before, cake baking 2 days before, icing making and decorating 1 day before. Day of special event I bring it in :) If I want to do royal icing flowers I'll probably do those a week or two in advance....haven't had to do that yet.
Winter Wedding Cake
Winter Wedding Cake
I designed this cake based on photos of the bride's dress, according to her request. I thought it was a great idea! The dress had lots of detail on top, ribbing/boning in the corset type waist and a flowing, billowing skirt. I tried to incorporate the themes of the dress into each tier. What fun! The cake is a dummy cake (styrofoam). They will be serving a sheet cake to the guests. I offered to do the cake for the cost of the supplies. It was a great learning experience for me and now I can add it to my portfolio, if I ever decide to pursue this whole cake decorating thing :)

sheet cake decorating ideas