Romantic Wedding Decorations

romantic wedding decorations
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Romantic Wedding in White and Pink
Romantic Wedding in White and Pink
This was a stunning romantic wedding. The venue was decorated so beautiful... in different pink colours and ivory. The bride was so sweet. She called me the next day to say thanks and how happy they were with the cake ... I?m so glad, ... it was a great feeling to hear all the compliments... The top cake was carrot with vanilla buttercream - covered with sugarpaste and decorated with a gum paste rose. The cupcakes were 3 different flavours: Carrot with vanilla, chocolate with strawberry and Lemon with Lemon frosting.
Crystal Candelabra Wedding Decorations
Crystal Candelabra Wedding Decorations
From vintage style weddings to pure romantic elegance, crystal candelabra wedding decorations are truly an undeniable wedding reception centerpiece. The crystal candelabras were provided by Kims Bridal and Gifts of Monroe, Michigan that added the finishing touches to this couples wedding celebration.

romantic wedding decorations