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Kids Western Decor

kids western decor
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kids western decor - WESTERN GIRLS
TThis new 8"X10"X1/8" thick kid's room door sign is made of plastic and can be personalized with any name of your choice. In addition to the names, you can choose second line names such as ROOM, HIDEOUT,CORRAL, ADOBE, ISLAND, DUGOUT, HANGAR, PIGPEN, PIT or any wording of your choice. These signs are decoupaged by me using legally obtained stickers from licensed dealers in my smoke and pet free home studio. These plaques make great gifts and in addition to kid's rooms they look great in rec. rooms, play rooms, on walls in kitchens or home offices. They come with industrial VELCRO on the back for easy hanging. No holes in your doors or walls! We ship immediately upon payment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. After ordering, E-mail us with the NAME you want on your sign.

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Original 1964 Vintage He Rides Tall Western Movie Poster
Original 1964 Vintage He Rides Tall Western Movie Poster
This original, not reproduction, western movie poster is in great condition. It has only a few spots toward the top right and a small rip toward the top left as seen in the photos. Otherwise, it has no folds or tears. I love the tag line on this one "He was sworn to uphold the law...even if that meant gunning down his own kid brother!" And the font for the title in bold red pops! I also love the positioning of the gun "dead" center! Start your collection of movie posters with one from 1964 when westerns ruled the movie screens! Measures approx (exact to come) 27x40 will be rolled and shipped in a hard cardboard tube. HE RIDES TALL Cast overview, first billed only: Tony Young .... Marshal Morg Rocklin Dan Duryea .... Bart Thorne Jo Morrow .... Kate McCloud Madlyn Rhue .... Ellie Daniels R.G. Armstrong .... Josh McCloud Joel Fluellen .... Dr. Sam Carl Reindel .... Gil Mickey Simpson .... Onie George Murdock .... Burt Michael Carr .... Lefty R.G. Springsteen .... Film Director Debby agreed to go to the western movie "He Rides Tall" even though she would rather see Marry Poppins because Stephen promised her they would go to Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York to try their new invention of Buffalo wings she had been hearing so much about.
Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird
Taken on the Pemberton Meadows Road near Pemberton, British Columbia, CA by David. I took Dave on a little nostalgia trip. I've spent some pleasant weekends in the Pemberton area in some past autumns with friends. I've never been there in the summertime though. We were pleased to find not one, but four Western Kingbirds on our drive up the valley...a treat for us since they are not very common in the Vancouver area. This is the first time we have had the opportunity to get close shots of this bird. This particular bird didn't seem to care a fig that we were there taking his photo but continued to snipe bugs from out of the air or from off a branch. Pemberton is fairly laid back...perhaps it's rubbed off on the critters in the area. We would have liked a better perch, however... Better On Black

kids western decor