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small space decorating blog - Children's Spaces:
Children's Spaces: From Zero to Ten
Children's Spaces: From Zero to Ten
In "Children's Spaces from Zero to Ten", interiors writer stylist and mother of two Judith Wilson shows how homes can be adapted for children without surrendering order and good taste, while also providing children with their own spaces to explore and enjoy. Whether you're adapting a sophisticated, child-free zone for the arrival of a new baby or starting from scratch because your small children have outgrown your current home, some serious thinking is required. Children's needs may seem obvious, but their demands change with alarming speed, making planning ahead a necessity. This is even more crucial with a new baby. As unlikely as it seems, that gurgling infant kicking on a blanket will all too soon demand a space and life of its own. "Children's Spaces from Zero to Ten" helps you to plan all the essential practical aspects of children's rooms and provides plenty of affordable ideas and inspiration when it comes to their design and decoration. Judith Wilson looks at rooms for children between birth and ten years old, with chapters on babies' rooms, rooms for girls(how to cope with the pink flowery phase), rooms for boys(how to avoid the military look), and shared bedrooms(how to create a room that works for multiple occupants). There are also chapters on sensible storage and areas that children and adults share- bathrooms, play areas, eating areas, and outside space. "Children's Spaces from Zero to Ten" won't maintain your hard-won, carefully designed space at the expense of your children's physical or creative freedom. Instead, it contains a wealth of inspiration drawn from the homes of real families, with real kids, which amply prove that children and great design can happily coexist without compromising on style.

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A New Space.... BAM 19/52 Explored
A New Space....  BAM 19/52  Explored
So here it is. My new office. It's all ready to decorate. I'm feeling very grateful, very excited, very humbled. I'm here because a year ago I said" that's it, I'm gonna try this out and see where it takes me. I'm going to work on this hard, do a 365 project, and take pictures of whoever wants me to. It started small, a session for some friends. My 365 started simply, with pictures of my kids, different places and objects. I rarely turned the camera on myself. I had two lenses, both that came with my camera. An 18-55mm and a zoom, 70-200. And then I trashpicked a tripod and did started doing some selfies. The spring came, and a some friends asked if I would photo their kids. And then some more. I dragged married friends of mine out for a post wedding shoot around the town I live in. In the spring I also got my first 50mm and fell in love with bokeh. More friends came calling, and then some of their friends asking for family pics. In June of this year, I had my first ever call from a Bride asking about shooting their wedding. And then another wedding. I kept shooting all summer, shooting anything I could. I made a page for my photograhpy on Facebook, and picked a name, MamaOwl. I also fell in love with this amazing sharing space Flickr. I just fell in head over heels. I've joined fun amazing groups that keep me thinking all the time. ( this morning my daughter looked up between bites of her cereal and said " Mommy, whatcha thinking about" ? Cliche saturday of course, duh) I've met some amazing photographers whom I consider my friends. Each and every day I am inspired beyond belief. Seriously you folks just rock. I love you all, and I dream about meeting up with some of you, for some photos and some beers ( or wine, or margaritas, I'm not picky) Me and my hubby decided that I needed an office late summer this year, and so here I am today. In an empty room, with only a chair that I found on Craigslist this morning. I'm in search of desk and furniture still, but it's my first just for me space, and I'm excited to decorate it. Here's where you guys come in. I thought of this today while doing dishes: I really want to include every person who influenced me, or inspired me, or has helped me this year with my photography. I want you to have a hand in helping me decorate my office. So if any of you want to send me something that will remind me of you, I would love it. I will happily send something in return- A print, or something that makes me think of you. Some of my friends have already sent me prints, which are going to look just smashing when I hang them up. YAY! So if you want to send a print that's fine, or anything else. And if you want a certain print, just let me know. I thought that this would go great with the season!! Just message me if you want to do it, and we'll exchange addresses and gifts. And then I'll have a piece of you. Awww. Thank you, Thank you friends. I wouldn't be sitting in this chair without all your kind words and feedback. Next month I will launch my new website, and blog, soo excited!
Ideas for small spaces: Using 2 paint shades + hanging curtains high: 'Drab' + 'Light Gray' by Farrow & Ball
Ideas for small spaces: Using 2 paint shades + hanging curtains high: 'Drab' + 'Light Gray' by Farrow & Ball
To make this room appear larger, interior designer Jeff Andrews used an olive-green shade (Drab, by Farrow & Ball) on the lower two-thirds of the walls and a lighter shade (Light Gray, by Farrow & Ball) above it— the gradation from dark to light makes the ceiling appear taller. Salvaged windows brighten the space, which Andrews uses as a dressing area and a guest room. Other small-space tips from Andrews: • If you paint a small room a dark color, use a high- or semi-gloss paint to bounce the light around the room, making the room feel more spacious. • Hang a large mirror in a dead-end space (such as between two doors) to make it feel like an entrance to another room. Details about this room: Paul Mathieu Bianca daybed, Pucci (, covered in Castellamonte Velvet fabric #33877-4, Clarence House ( Petrified wood table, Berbere Imports. Moustique drapery fabric #17101-1, Bergamo ( Vintage abstracts, JF Chen. Vintage chair. Interior design by Jeff Andrews. Photo by Grey Crawford,

small space decorating blog
small space decorating blog
SPACE CASE Grinder Magnetic 2 Pc. Small Titanium
If you're unfamiliar with the world of grinding, you're in for a treat! Because grinding exposes the maximum surface area, it makes the material much more potent during use, allowing it to be utilized much more efficiently. The Titanium version offers some non-stick properties, and uses an anodizing process that changes the viscosity of the aluminum, increasing it's strength by about 100% and making it dark in color. The original polished version should last a lifetime though. If you're particularly hard on things or plan to live more than one lifetime go with the titanium. Otherwise it's a matter of aesthetic preference. Specs: Small= 2" diameter