Briggs and Stratton PE-77-D WWII Generator - ID number: 3876 - Phila 44 2700 rpm 250 watts 115 volts.
Direct current power. I believe it was used in WWII to power field operations for the US Army. The power plant is a Briggs and Stratton Model I engine starts and runs very well for an engine that is 65+ years old. It appears to have the original olive drab green paint from the factory. It has a very nice "twist-on" oil dipstick and gas tank that has the shut off valve on top. There is a functional "push-button" stop switch on the blower housing. This engine has a mechanical governor, it also has an additional throttle thumbscrew for fine manual adjustment.
The inside of the gas tank is clean, (no debris, rust). The generator functions very well, (it has 2 power plugs). There are 3 metal identification tags on the generator that read: "Signal Corps Power Unit PE-77-D 250 Watts 115 volts 2700 rpm 3786 - Phila 44". I assume the "Phila 44" means it was made in Philadelphia PA in 1944. The third metal tag has operation instructions stamped on it. A very clean example of a vintage Briggs and Stratton generator.

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