Princess Bath Toys

princess bath toys
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September 19, 2006 - Baby Hannah Rebekah
September 19, 2006 - Baby Hannah Rebekah
So, it's finally here. Five whole years. Five whole years of knowing this amazing little person that God sent into our lives at 6:06 a.m. on a Tuesday morning after a LOOONNNNGGGG labor and scary delivery. Five years of lots of sleepless nights, sitting up with a sick little one, diaper changes and time outs. Five years of panic because my baby is growing up and I can't protect her like I could when she was in my tummy and all safe and sound. Five years of "just one more book" at bedtime, "just one more splash" at bath time and "just one more kiss" when we have to say goodbye for longer than 2 minutes. Five years of laughing out loud more than I ever have, hugging harder and longer than I ever have and loving stronger than I ever have. Five years of Disney princesses, Veggies tales and Max and Ruby. Five years of stepping on ridiculously sharp toys at 2 in the morning, bathing with Barbie hair (ugghhh, unspeakable horror) and occasionally drinking out of sippy cups because that's all that's clean at the moment. Five years of sneaking a smell of her hair (I still love the way she smells), sneaking in grown up time and sneaking in Christmas and birthday gifts. Five years of the most intense, true, deep love that I've ever known. Five years of moments that literally take my breath away when it hits me, once again, that "I actually get to be her mama." Five years of watching the man I married with you and thinking, "I actually get to be his wife!" Five years of being thankful every single day that God chose us to be her parents. Five years filled with the more joy than a lot of people ever get in an entire lifetime. And it's all because of you, Hannah Rebekah. I love you to the moon and back and around the world. You are a lifetime of dreams fulfilled, and more than I could have ever imagined. You are my life and my heart in one feisty, funny, beautiful little package and I love you with all that I am baby girl. Happy HAPPY birthday.
Legs World
Legs World
I made this shot few weeks ago after the bath of my dougthers in the inflatable pool. Of course during these activities they brings in all kinds of toys: barbie's included. I know, this photos has nothing special. For me is basically a practice in the use of focus and in the tratement of colors.

princess bath toys
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