Amazing Toys For Boys

amazing toys for boys
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Ideal Toys - Zeroid Robot and Cycle Set (1968): Zintar Robot, Solar Cycle, Extra Zeroid Hand, Laser Bomb, Reversing Ramp
Ideal Toys - Zeroid Robot and Cycle Set (1968): Zintar Robot, Solar Cycle, Extra Zeroid Hand, Laser Bomb, Reversing Ramp
I've had this toy since 1972 (when I was eight). I really love it and I don't think I will ever give it away. It always reminded my of the the robot from Lost in Space - especially at the time my uncle bought me the toy, because the show was always on the television. It's a great working toy. The robot takes two double AA batteries in the bottom half and works a little motor (which can be taken out and used as a weapon - that would be connected to a magnetic attachment arm, which isn't in this kit) which runs its rubber tracked wheels. When the robot is fitted into the cycle, it moves forward - but, if the reversing ramp is placed in front of the cycle, it quickly moves in reverse. The three red pieces are arm attachments, two are 'springed' gripping hands, the other is cup-shaped and that holds the yellow piece - which is supposed to be the 'throwing laser bomb'. To 'throw the bomb', you pull his right arm anticlockwise (counter-clockwise), until his arm is pointing straight up. Then you pull his left arm very slightly clockwise - that makes his right arm shoot forward - thus, throwing the bomb. This is a toy of my childhood and I think it has really stood the test of time. They are very collectable, too - easily going for three-figure sums. Below is some more information: The Zeroids were a line of toy robots from the Planet Zero, introduced by the Ideal Toy Company in 1967. Consisting of Zerek, Zintar and Zobor, the Zeroids powered their way into the imaginations of young boys for nearly a decade. The original sales pitch read, ''Moving across the landscape, overrunning all obstacles as inexorably as the Future itself, these amazing, efficient and powerful automatons have but one purpose - to serve their masters at work and play!'' The storage cases in which the robots came could be used for other purposes. The robots were battery operated and had wheels with rubber treads to propel themselves across the floor. Zerak, the blue robot, was originally the ''commander'' of the three robots. Zobor, the ''Bronze'' Robot, could ''transport'' lightweight items in his storage case, which could be ''transformed'' into a wagon due to having wheels attached to it. The case/wagon could be latched to a hook on Zobor's base Zintar, the silver ''explorer'', could use his storage case as a sled-like vehicle, which was propelled by his own treads. Later, ''Zogg'', a green robot was added to the set and replaced Zerak as the commander of the zeroids. Zogg had a sophisticated-looking ''station'', which had movable parts, activated by Zogg's metal ''hands'' completing an electric circuit. The station had, among other things, a ''radar'' that would rotate, and a spiral design ''monitor'', which would spin when Zogg would complete the electical circuit. 1970's ''Star Team'' Revival: Zeroids returned to the shelves in the late 1970s, renamed ''Star Team'', to capitalize on the success of Star Wars. The Star Team line featured R2-D2-style dome-headed robots and a new green-headed silver-bodied ''Zem 21'' robot that bore some resemblance to C-3PO. They fought the Darth-Vader-esque ''Knight of Darkness''. 2010 Moonstone Books Revival: In 2010, the Zeroids will return in the pages of Moonstone Books' original comic book series in association with Captain Action Enterprises.
021.365 - 100% boy?
021.365 - 100% boy?
My boy sticks his finger up his nose and laughs at farts. He'll pull you over in a busy parking lot, just to pick up a rock. And, he chooses his cars, trucks and sports over any other toys. At first glance, he seems just another boy. But ... he thanks me for cooking during every meal, tells me he loves me each night, loves to come to my doctor's appointments so he can hear his new baby sister (on the doppler), receives compliments on the amazing manners he has for a 2-year old and enjoys cuddling with me when he first wakes up. And I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. c/c & tips welcome.

amazing toys for boys
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