Top Fashion Stores

top fashion stores
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top fashion stores - Helena Rubinstein:
Helena Rubinstein: Over the Top
Helena Rubinstein: Over the Top
This lavishly illustrated volume opens a window into the world of one of the most extravagant and wide-ranging stylemakers of the last century, a pioneer of the cosmetics industry who was also celebrated for the daring and prescience of her art collecting, her decorating, and her personal couture. Four hundred vintage images and a meticulously researched text, including 16 essays by renowned experts in the fields of art and interior design, illuminate and trace the public and private lives of Helena Rubinstein. Rubinstein's bold and influential flair for decor - sleekly modern at times, and at other times a wildly eclectic sampling from different eras - was showcased globally in her beauty salons and in her glamorous residences in New York, Paris, and the South of France. An astute patron, she invested in artworks by the luminaries of Parisian bohemia just as they began their ascent. Her vast collection included tapestries by Picasso and Rouault, paintings by D,gas, Dufy, Matisse, Mirc, Modigliani,

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Top Bathroom in New York City
Top Bathroom in New York City
The bathroom at Patricia Field's fashion store was rated one of the top bathrooms in New York City. These chandeliers hung from a ceiling about 15 feet high, which gave the little closet-space room a much grander, spacious feel. Prince would've loved the shiny purple wallpaper.
Thrift Store Fashion
Thrift Store Fashion
Bargain bin fashion: Top - $0.50 Skirt - $0.50 Boots - $2.50 (Scarf was mine) Model: Brooklyn H.

top fashion stores
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