1930s Women Fashion

1930s women fashion
  • Use materials to make into
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  • File:1930s decade montage.png|From left, clockwise: Dorothea Lange's photo of the homeless Florence Thompson show the effects of the Great Depression; Due to the economic collapse, the farms become dry and the Dust Bowl spreads through America; The Battle of Wuhan during the Second Sino-Japanese
  • The following events related to sociology occurred in the 1930s.
  • thirties: the decade from 1930 to 1939
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1930s women fashion - Dress Cutting
Dress Cutting -- Instructions and Illustrations for Sewing 26 Vintage 1930s Fashions
Dress Cutting -- Instructions and Illustrations for Sewing 26 Vintage 1930s Fashions
Originally published in 1932, this rare sewing book teaches the block method of pattern making. The book begins by explaining how to easily make a foundation draft pattern of a simple jumper. Using your own body measurements, you're taken through the pattern making process and then you learn how to use your customized foundation pattern to make: SKIRTS: flared skirt, costume skirt, flared skirt with hip yoke, costume skirt with hip yoke; BLOUSES: simple blouse, blouse with shoulder straps and front fullness; DRESSES: coat overall, dress with skirt flared from waist line, dress with skirt flared from hip line, dress with hip yoke and flared skirt, dress with godet skirt, dress with hip yoke and panels at back and front and circular side pieces, dress with flounces, dress with flared skirt 54 inches wide at hem; SLEEVES: fitted sleeve with dart, fitted sleeve with gathers at elbow; COLLARS AND CAPES: detachable polo collar, rever collar, roll collar with points, simple round collar with pointed fronts, bertha collars, cape with shoulder dart; PLEATED SKIRTS: yoked skirt with front pleats, four-gored skirt with inserted pleats at seam; GODETS: simple godets, godets with shaped top. Over 60 diagrams explain the pattern making process, with an extra chapter on adapting the block pattern. This book is complete with all of the details for creating early 1930s fashions including this era's distinctive fashion characteristics of looser-fitting tops and skirts that closely fit a woman's hips. Genuinely classy styles that can still be worn with grace and elegance today. Because the author was a Lecturer in Dressmaking with the National Society's Training College for Teachers of Domestic Subjects, you can be assured you are being taught by an expert in 1930s fashion sewing. Sample fashions and illustration images are shown at the top of this page.

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Women’s fashion 1930s
Women’s fashion 1930s
20th century Women’s fashion decade by decade. illustrated by Irina V. Ivanova . Text for this Women’s fashion template available at w w w.artdesignfashion. com /timelines Please follow the link from the profile page to w w w. artdesignfashion.com .You can see more of fashion inspired artwork by Irina V. Ivanova on the new website www.fashion-accent.com
1930s Pretty Woman
1930s Pretty Woman
This photo is from a group that was donated to DeadFred by Bev Colgin. Bev writes that these photos were from her grandparents times. Their friends (possible surname LINN) from Oregon , a Sailor Al Viether taken June 15th 1918. Rose Donovan the Midwife that delivered Bev's father in San Franciso . some snapshoots taken in Denver and Death Valley also a photo if thier house .

1930s women fashion
1930s women fashion
The 1930s (Fashion Sourcebooks)
In the 1930s the boyish look of the previous decade gave way to a more feminine silhouette, which defined the waist, accentuated the shouders and narrowed the hips. The year-by-year format allows these developments to be shown in detail. Day Wear, Evening Wear, Sport and Leisure Wear, Accessories, Underwear and Wedding Wear are included, and complete descriptions of each garment accompany each of the drawings, itemizing colour, cut, necklines, lapels, sleeves, pockets, fastenings, buttons and belts. The reference section includes a chart summarizing at a glance the evolution of fashion and garment-shapes, as well as biographies of outstanding 1930s designers.

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