925 Italian Silver. Silver And Gemstone Jewelry.

925 Italian Silver

925 italian silver
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A musical form that has been used widely since the early Classical period, Sonata (or the Sonata form) is the most important principle of musical form. The term Sonata (derived from the Italian word suonare, to sound on instrument) originated in the 17th Century, when instrumental music had just begun to separate itself from vocal music. While it is typically used in the first movement of multimovement pieces, Sonata is also sometimes employed in subsequent movements. Personally, as a Jewellery Designer, Sonata is to me the relationship between textures, materials and colours. Sometimes harmoniously, at other times, in intentional discord. I feel that my role is as the puppet master (if you like) who orchestrates this tactile cohabitation. Who recognises the pivotal role played by each component as well as the eventual culmination of all elements into one single entity. One finished piece. Which is why I'm really tremendously proud to present before you, my Sonata In Fucsia - a composition of all the facets key to a visually arresting melody - texture; material and colour. These three attributes are represented by those spanking Rock Crystal Quartz in an equally spanking Pentagon Shape! These are beautifully accented by the sleekness of Fuchsia Chalcedony Cubes, the smoothness of Black Garnet Pebbles as well as Blue Flash Labradorites and the refreshingly crisp look of Faceted Silver Pearls. Into this picturesque tune, I've added Rainbow Moonstone Wheels and Rondelles, Chalcedony Briolettes in an explosive Poppy Pink, truly intriguing Polished Grey Moonstone Briolettes and Moss Amethyst Briolettes showcasing the most mesmerising forest of black needles. This lyrical feast for the eyes wraps around your wrist in a most sublime fashion, raising to a crescendo like no other!! Sonata In Fucsia climaxes in a tri-pitch ensemble of Chalcedony Briolette, Rock Crystal Quartz Pentagon and a nifty Diamond-Shaped Charm composed entirely of Natural Zircons. Perhaps the *most* exquisite Zircons I've ever laid eyes upon, these sparkle so wonderfully. Such translucency and beauty, these babies could easily be mistaken for Brown Diamonds. I kid you not. Sonata In Fucsia stretches an approximate 9.25" but best fits wrists sized 5.5" to 7.5" due to its profusive style. All wires are 999 Fine Sterling, le chains are Italian Silver and the Clasp is 925 Sterling Silver. { COLLECTION } SONATA IN FUCSIA is part of Eclettica's SIGNATURE BIJOUX Collection. The SIGNATURE BIJOUX line is every narcissist's fantasy of Unapologetically Flamboyant Designs in Rich, Opulent Colours. A showcase of artistry, this is where Decadent Drama cavorts shamelessly with Premium Gemstones, Meticulous Wirework and Fine Finishing to fashion Couture Heirlooms, to delight fashionistas and sartorialists alike.
Allegria earrings
Allegria earrings
Allegria is an Italian word which means happiness and that’s exactly what I wanted to express with these rich and impressive earrings. I first shaped and hammered the 925 sterling silver wire and then coiled it with meters and meters of 925 sterling silver wire of different gauges. One side has been enriched with curvaceous adornments made of solid silver wire, wrapped with fine sterling silver wire, while the other side has been embellished with some tiny brownish and greenish freshwater pearls embraced by a frame of sterling silver smooth beads. Between them swings harmoniously a big A grade amethyst marquise briolette, whose color is amazing! Just below there’s a cluster of beautiful gemstones that melt together and produce a hymn to joy : AAA Spessartite Mandarin Garnet micro faceted briolettes, AA rich golden Topaz micro-faceted briolettes, AA grade Smoky Quartz micro-faceted briolette with onion cut, whose color is so deep and vivid, A Peridot faceted briolettes, AA Citrine micro faceted round beads, marvelous green Cubic Quartz micro-faceted rondelles and brownish and greenish freshwater pearls. They’re marvelous together and each one emphasizes the beauty of the other! The lever-backs are made of sterling silver and each one is stamped with a 925 sign. The oxidation better highlights every detail and the splendour of the gemstones I used. Measurements: they are 2.75 inches long (7cm) – silver lever-backs included.

925 italian silver