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What you can do with the ip address

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Usually, login address usually marked on the back of the router, on some labels, above the record router serial number, also prompted to your router login address and username and password. Different router Ip address is not the same, most of the, there is also a part of the router login address is,Come up with a router, look carefully. If there is no router, then read instructions.

IP address is made up of two parts, namely network number and host number. Network ID is a network on the Internet, the host number identifies a host in the network.The address of the IPv4 is 32 bits and 4 bytes, but we use the decimal notation in practice.Part of the router`s IP address is and 

What you can do with

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Entering the address, you will get a full approval on it. When you get to the management panel, you are able to change the configurations and arrangements your router brings with it self. . Subsequent to getting to, Options, Security, Network Management, IP QoS, WLAN settings, LAN, WAN, proxy, MAC, WPS, DSL, ADSL, choose the modifications you want to change. It gives you the possibility to command your web connection wherever you are: in the modem`s area, in the work environment but also at school, home, café, etc.


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Wi-Fi is now important thing and without Wi-Fi connection you cannot run internet at cheap cost in the wireless devices. Wi-Fi connection is very important thing now a day. It keeps you connected online at cheap cost and high speed. It can fulfil your demand and you remain update online always. To use Wi-Fi connection, you need to know use of the router. Buying and using the router is not very complicated. You just follow the router manual to understand everything related with the router setting and just spending $30, you can buy router for your home. If you want to use Wi-Fi for more than 5 devices, then you need to spend more than $30.
After purchasing the router, configuration come first then you need to know setting of the router. In the router manual, you will get everything with picture for router configuration and setting. Just follow step by step for router configuration and setting. Nothing is difficult. You just connect all cable connection router and computer following the router manual and follow the steps of router setting. You do not need to work hard to do so. For router settings, you need to collect IP address, username and password.

 Suppose your router use IP address and admin is used for username and password. When you type the IP address on the address bar of the browser and hit the enter button you have to put username and password. If you have found those thing from router box, then use. If not found in the router box, then search online using your router model number. You must get information from online. After using the login info correctly, you can 
login to the router. You see a page after login and it is called home page of the router. This is the control panel of the router.

You have learned to enter to the router page and login. With this article, you can follow the video from YouTube for entering or login. You may get some other video of settings Wi-Fi connection, security for Wi-Fi, Troubleshooting etc. If you buy popular brand router, then you have chance to get video related with the router. Otherwise, you may not get video and you have to follow just manual. But I recommended to use TP-Link, Linksys etc. routers which are very easy to use and those have related supports.
After entering the router, you should give importance on the router and Wi-Fi security. You should give attention on the router place. You just keep the router on the center and your router range should not go beyond of your area. Keeping the router at the center is the good option and you can control the range from your router setting. If you are still facing problem with the router and login, then you can request any of your IT expert friend who know well about networking. You may contact with ISP who may send engineer to swat out your router and network related problem.

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