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chinese fashion wholesale
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Living Outside the Walls: The Chinese in Prato
Living Outside the Walls: The Chinese in Prato
Never before has research into the benefits and drawbacks of the Chinese migration to Prato in Tuscany been presented so comprehensively in English. The recent influx of Chinese to the longstanding textile manufacturing and wholesale businesses in Prato has stirred strong emotions in the host culture and among the new arrivals alike. The breadth of the coverage of this publication is demonstrated by the full range of perspectives focused on the economic and social dilemmas being experienced. A wide range of points of view are elucidated - the concerns of the local commune, the factory labourers, the traders, economists, Italian nationalists, Italian bureaucrats, Chinese provincial government, demographers, urban planners, academics, community developers, industry analysts, cultural observers, labour market analysts, media commentators, social planners, students, and social geographers.

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Wholesale Image Files
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chinese fashion wholesale
chinese fashion wholesale
Adult Chinese Man Costume
Dress like the Chinese of the past in the Adult Chinese Man Costume. Ancient Chinese men dressed in this style of clothing. Since the 70s, Chinese men of greater affluence have migrated toward a more Western style of dress like suits, jeans and polo shirts. However many Chinese men who hold their traditions dear still wear this style of dress today. The Chinese Man Halloween costume features a bright yellow long sleeved shirt with wide black sleeve cuffs and slits at the side for ease of movement. The shirt has a high collar, Chinese characters down the front, and black frog button enclosure. Included in the costume is a pair of black pants with an elastic waist and a black waist sash to give form to the shirt. To get a truly oriental look, consider purchasing Asian inspired sandals and a yellow and black Chinese inspired hat.

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