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London Fashion Week Casting

london fashion week casting
    fashion week
  • A fashion week is a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers, brands or "houses" to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers to take a look at the latest trends.
  • The most sacred time of the year in Los Angeles. Sort of like the High Holy Days in Judaism, Ramadan in Islam, and FIFA World Cup Soccer for every country in the world except the United States.
  • the act of throwing a fishing line out over the water by means of a rod and reel
  • An object made by pouring molten metal or other material into a mold
  • cast: object formed by a mold
  • molding: the act of creating something by casting it in a mold
  • The capital of the United Kingdom, in southeastern England on the Thames River; pop. 6,377,000. London, called Londinium, was settled as a river port and trading center shortly after the Roman invasion of ad 43 and has been a flourishing center since the Middle Ages.It is divided administratively into the City of London, which is the country's financial center, and 32 boroughs
  • the capital and largest city of England; located on the Thames in southeastern England; financial and industrial and cultural center
  • An industrial city in southeastern Ontario, Canada, north of Lake Erie; pop. 303,165
  • United States writer of novels based on experiences in the Klondike gold rush (1876-1916)
  • London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and the largest urban zone in the European Union by most measures.
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The Essential Guide to Mold Making & Slip Casting (A Lark Ceramics Book)
The Essential Guide to Mold Making & Slip Casting (A Lark Ceramics Book)
For potters, mold making is invaluable because it allows them to slip-cast identical multiples of their work?and this newly revised, now in color edition of Andrew Martin’s classic is the definitive guide to the craft. No other volume has shown the processes in such how-to detail. It’s overflowing with hundreds of photos, key techniques, projects, master artist profiles, and troubleshooting tips. A thorough introduction addresses materials and tools, and presents Martin’s simple, unique template method for making clay prototypes. Create easy one-piece molds to make tiles, bowls, and platters, or multi-piece molds for more complex forms. An extensive overview covers slip formulation, while offering highly desired slip recipes for low-, mid-, and high-fire clay bodies. This will be the standard reference in every ceramist’s library.

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Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason
Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason
Second time round, Bridget is still fat, funny and endearing -- but "all a bit, um, familiar, actually." Long-in-the-works sequel to 2001 hit, "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" reteams key cast in a playful retread with the assumption that fans will flock for a second helping. Powerful combo of Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth -- all at the top of their game and utterly comfortable in their characters -- plus high want-to-see factor should ensure very good initial returns in Blighty, where it opens Nov. 12 amid saturation coverage, and Stateside a week later, amid a rapid worldwide roll-out. Even more than "Bridget Jones's Diary," current outing takes just the bare bones of Helen Fielding's weighty, 420-page novel and tries to fashion it into a regular movie. Three writers, including Fielding, labored over the task, with Zellweger, Grant and Firth reportedly only signing on when Richard Curtis ("Notting Hill," "Love Actually") did a final rewrite. Curtis' spirit and evocation of a fairy-tale London and Britishness hang over the entire enterprise in a positive way, though even he hasn't quite managed to solve the central problem that there's not a lot going on here. Fielding's novel managed to get round the problem with a mass of small incidents, loads of character subplots and the sheer compulsiveness of Bridget's neuroses. But where "Diary" had a strong will she-won't she emotional arc as Bridget found her ideal man, "Reason" is basically a series of set pieces that ends up where it started out. There's no sense of dramatic journey here. Film picks up six weeks after the end of "Diary," with Bridget (Zellweger) blissfully happy with upper-class human rights lawyer Mark Darcy (Firth), with whom she's spent Christmas in the countryside at her gushy parents' (Jim Broadbent and Gemma Jones) home. A doofus reporter for TV show "Stand up, Britain," she's bullied at work by her director, Richard (Neil Pearson), but otherwise life is just grand for the overweight Brit ditz. Even her lubricious boss, and onetime heartthrob, Daniel Cleaver (Grant), is away, touring the world as presenter of a dumb travel show. But, when Bridget's bitchy singleton pals, Shazza, Jude and gay Tom (Sally Phillips, Shirley Henderson, James Callis, all encoring), urge her to dump Mark, and she hears he has been spending time with glamor puss lawyer Rebecca (Jacinda Barrett), all of Bridget's neuroses start flooding back big time. Kitted out with plenty of pratfall humor -- all gamely played by Zellweger -- pic's first half-hour has a nervous energy, plus an intrusive song track, that seems a little too eager. Dialogue, though, has its fair share of humorous squibs, finding its feet during a banquet set piece where Bridget is initially overwhelmed by the snooty company. A ski trip to Switzerland again includes a knockabout set piece, and ends with Bridget and Mark splitting up. It's here, almost halfway through, that a plot of sorts finally starts, signaled by a striking effects sequence of a London nightscape peopled by lonely people in their apartments. Now "single" again, Bridget is dragooned into joining Daniel on a working trip to Thailand. Realizing Daniel has other things than work on his mind, Bridget takes Shazza along. But when Shazza falls for studly charmer Jed (Paul Nicholls) and Daniel turns up the heat, Bridget ends up in a Thai jail. Though the script tries to replicate the first film's heart-tugging moments, there's a lack of a big emotional arc to tie the episodic structure together. However, on a performance level, the movie is practically flawless. Zellweger, wearing her 20 extra pounds with even more glee, makes Bridget absolutely her own, with a now-flawless Brit accent and a mass of tiny mannerisms that sustain the role even when the script seems unsure. Given that no more Fielding novels exist, and the films' relationship to them was only ever a starting point, Zellweger's Bridget is now a bona fide comic creation that could have a screen future of its own. With more time than in "Diary," Firth balances Mark's emotional retentiveness, inner warmth and class hang-ups in a surprisingly edgy, unpredictable performance that gives the movie its few moments of real uncertainty. At the other end of the scale, Grant, looking like he's on one big vacation, simply has a ball with Daniel. Other roles, from Phillips' self-serving Shazza to Jones' scatty mum, are on the money, while Aussie-born looker Barrett (from MTV's "The Real World") is suitably soignee as the Sloaney Rebecca. Beeban Kidron, taking the helming reins from the original's Sharon Maguire, turns in a slick, marginally better-looking but generic product that doesn't mess with the formula. Harry Gregson-Williams' score is always an emotional assist, when given the chance between the jolting use of upbeat songs. For the r
. Virtual London Fashion Week Summer 2011 .
. Virtual London Fashion Week Summer 2011 .
Virtual London Summer Fashion Week 2011 High fashion is coming to the Virtual London Sims this summer and is promised to be a week filled with spectacular designs from around the world. Elegancia with its cast of top models will be strutting the catwalk starting June 14th and concluding on June 18th. Please mark your calendars for an enjoyable week full of fashion and beauty. SHOW SCHEDULE Tuesday, June 14th 11:30am Seldom Blue 2:00pm MEB 5:00pm Manba Wednesday, June 15th 10:00am Blacklace 12:00pm Tres Beau Thursday, June 16th 10:00am Agy’s Secret 11:30am Morea Style 1:00pm Angel Dessous 3:00pm What's Your Secret 5:00pm Shiki Friday, June 17th 10:00am DD Style 11:30am K-Code 1:00pm [sYs] 2:00pm Finesmith Saturday, June 18th 10:00am HOE 11:30am **Diram** 1:00pm Son!a 2:00pm Vero Modero SPONSORS - Alienbear Designs - LoQ Hair - Mary Jane Shoes - Plume - BoSL Radio - Scruplz Magazine - Virtual Worldwide Media

london fashion week casting
london fashion week casting
Come To The Well
Come To The Well is an appeal to Christians to let the "living water" of Christ well up in us, overflowing into the relationships we have around us (spouse, parent, child, neighbor, stranger), both inside the church and beyond.
Inspired by the story of Jesus talking to the woman at the well, the title track illuminates the album's main theme. "She thought she was standing by a well talking to a man, but really she was standing by a hole in the ground and she was talking to the well," frontman Mark Hall says. "We come to Jesus and we have already got our well. We have already got what we think is going to sustain us and we come to him to bless our thing so our thing will work even better for us. Jesus isn't a sprinkle. He is life. That s the central teaching moment of the record."

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