Types Of Fashion Shows

types of fashion shows
    fashion shows
  • A fashion show is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase his or her upcoming line of clothing during Fashion Week. Fashion shows debut every season, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latest fashion trends are made.
  • (4. Fashion show) Students walk up and down the middle of the classroom as if it is a catwalk while other people take turns describing what is being worn in a stereotypically fashion show style, e.g.
  • (Fashion Show) A formatted fashion show which takes place on a runway, stage or other locations that can house an audience.
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Cuban Fashion Show at El Patio #4, Havana, Cuba
Cuban Fashion Show at El Patio #4, Havana, Cuba
This is the same model in the dark silhouette in Image #2 from the night shoot at El Patio. I thought I would take a chance with this image in the series and try to create a different mood. Its highly processed to look a bit like some of the early Cabinet Photos I've taken an interest in. Might be too much but I think there is a rather simple and elegant beauty to it. The soft focus here really was a limitation of the original photo but seems to work. Let me know whether the treatment is too heavy handed. As mentioned in the previous photos , floor shows, fashion shows and many other types of "espectaculos" have been a part of cuban culture since at least the 1930's. At places like the Tropicana, Sans Souci, the Zombie Club and the Hotel Nacional, cuban musicians, dancers and models put on world renowned performances. The tradition is still alive in Havana at big clubs, hotels and even small venues in the city and in the provinces as well. Walking through the Plaza de la Catedral one night, the restaurant El Patio was hosting a fashion show. I took a quick set of hand held images with my Nikon D7000 at ISO 5000. Many of the pictures were blurred but a few looked pretty good even at that speed. El Patio Resaurant Plaza de la Catedral Havana Vieja (Old Havana) Habana, Cuba Thanks in advance for any comments and feedback. Feel free to be critical. All Rights Reserved--Contact for usage.
Beeline Fashions Invitation, 1965 - Advertising Postcard
Beeline Fashions Invitation, 1965 - Advertising Postcard
REMARK: Nothing screams high fashion venue more than a drop-ceiling and wood paneled basement outfitted with colonial-inspired furniture. The braided rug catwalk allows audience members to view the latest Beeline Fashions in the comfort of over-stuffed sofas and rocking chairs. This invitation postcard was mailed by Mary Leonard of Des Moines, Iowa, to Shirley Henderson of Waukee, Iowa; whether Mary and Shirley were friends or enemies is left to speculation. Style Conscious Group Viewing BEELINE FASHIONS Advertised in Glamour, McCalls and Woman's Day Magazines Date: 1965 Source Type: Postcard Publisher, Printer, Photographer: probably Dexter Press (#95433-B) Postmark: September 23, 1965, Des Moines, Iowa Collection: Steven R. Shook TEXT ON REVERSE: I've arranged to have a Beeline Fashion Show. I think it is a terrific way for a few of us to get together. It will be a lot of fun seeing and perhaps even modeling the latest fashions. I know we'll have a grand time if I can count on you to be there. If you want to bring a friend along . . . fine! Date Sept. 30, Time 7:30 Place: 7391 Suth View Dr. Des Moines, Iowa Mary Leonard 285-4428

types of fashion shows
types of fashion shows
Tailoring: The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket
The well-tailored jacket, always in style, is one of the most challenging, popular, and satisfying sewing projects. Tailoring is the classic guide to the required techniques. Step-by-step instructions and close-up photographs help hobby sewers get professional results. Tailoring covers all three tailoring methods (custom or hand, machine, and fusible) and the complete process from fabric selection to finishing touches. There are detailed instructions on adjusting the pattern for proper fit, which is critical for good results. Tailoring is all about impeccable details, and Tailoring shows how to achieve them, from the roll of the collar to a perfect pocket.

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