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Long Tops Fashion

long tops fashion
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White long sleeve top
White long sleeve top
I love the way designs evolve sometimes! it's all about the sleeves here... they are super long, puffy and loose at the shoulder and than fitted. all the edjes are lightly ruffeled and there are pleates decorating the neckline. it's 100% cotton knit jersey, not elasticised but with a slight streatch to it.
Jan. 14, 2011 OTD
Jan. 14, 2011 OTD
Self explanatory. Proud Vegetarian of 3 1/2 years! :D Vest - Forever 21 Leopard tank - Forever 21 Long coral top - fashion store Jeans - Fashion Q Boots - Steve Madden Feather earring - *shopladama.com* Ring - Forever 21 Bracelet - LA Fashion District

long tops fashion
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