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Fun Room Decorating Ideas

fun room decorating ideas
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fun room decorating ideas - Fun Rooms:
Fun Rooms: Home Theaters, Music Studios, Game Rooms, and More
Fun Rooms: Home Theaters, Music Studios, Game Rooms, and More
Lifestyles today are often defined by hectic schedules, and more and more people want a special room in their own home where they can relax and enjoy their leisure time. And with the sophisticated technology and wide range of products -- inlcuding plasma TVs, home theater, game stations, and surround sound -- now available to the general public, any room can be transformed into an incredibly fun and engaging space.
Rooms for Fun contains everything consumers need to know to renovate or convert unused space -- whether it's the garage, the basement, or an extra bedroom -- into a room devoted to enjoyment and tailored to their individual tastes and interests. Full-color photographs will inspire, detailed layouts will aid in construction and decoration, and an extensive resource section will help locate manufacturers.
The fun rooms featured in the book include:
Home Theater: audio visual equipment, including the latest information on plasma screen TVs, DVD players, and other electronic devices; speakers and the different ways of installing them; seating options; and soundproofing.
Entertainment Center: billiard tables, ping pong tables, dart boards, game stations, fun accessories, decor, a home bar, and more.
Sports & Fitness Room: gym equipment, small indoor pools, and even basketball courts.
Home Studio: the ideal set-ups for painting, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, writing, and astronomy.
Music Room: sound systems, CD storage, and more.
Also included is a resource section for more information on the included designs.

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fun room decorating ideas
fun room decorating ideas
Have Fun with Your Room : 28 Cool Projects for Teens
A Room Of Your Own
Do you ever wish your room could really express who you are? Do you see yourself in a feminine retreat decorated with hearts and flowers? Or are you most comfortable surrounded by your beloved collection of teddy bears? Or do you want your room to reflect the natural world outdoors? Or perhaps something truly outrageous?
Lynette Jennings, star of the Discovery Channel's Lynette Jennings Design and frequent guest on the Today Show, can help you decide what you want your room to say about you, and then show you how to create that special space -- with loads of fun. Simple projects you can make from stuff that's easy to find and no expensive to buy.
So get ready to have fun with your room -- after all, where else can you really, truly be yourself?