Country Room Decorating

country room decorating
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country room decorating - Charming Guest
Charming Guest Rooms: Decorating Secrets from Country Inns
Charming Guest Rooms: Decorating Secrets from Country Inns
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Find out the tried-and-true secrets that charming country inns use to make their overnight visitors feel comfortable. It doesn't matter whether there's a separate guest room or simply a convertible sofa in the den: these grace-over-space ideas for furnishing, decorating, and outfitting guest areas are wonderfully welcoming. Color photographs display unique touches, from an appealing craft-fair find placed on a bedside table to cheery, fun patterns, including a circus-themed pillow and bright striped bedspread. Best of all are the hundreds of tips for pampering your guests, including comfortable seating and nice lighting, privacy, and small gifts such as flowers and fruit baskets. There's even a section on how to make a bathroom guestworthy.

"Has some great tips."--Baltimore Sun

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The small country that is my new bed
The small country that is my new bed
It's HUGE! Mmmm...sprawling out. Look at all that room over there for my dog! No more getting squished into a tiny triangle. Yay. Now let's talk about the color of the walls. I'm not sure about them. I think my pistaccio duvet cover looks nice with them and all, I'm just not sure how melon makes me feel inside. Is that melon? I sure as hell hope it's not pink. I cannot abide by pink. I wish there were a way to get some accents that make it seem less pastel and icecream shoppy. Any advice?
Neutral Living Room
Neutral Living Room
**Explored on Nov.14.2009 #113** Some Flickr employee likes my decor... lol taken before I start decorating for Christmas :) I know I know.. it's very neutral but I really don't like to have "pop of color" in neutral interior. I'm just not a fan of bright colors too much.

country room decorating
country room decorating
Country Living Decorating with Baskets: Accents for Every Room
From practical storage to gorgeous display, nothing beats a basket--or Country Living's wonderfully imaginative ideas for using them throughout the home. The attractive photos tell the story, as they show off an array of different basket styles, all cleverly coordinated with overall decor. A large woven basket serves as a planter, and it harmonizes perfectly with a twill-weave trunk that doubles as an end table. For a breathtaking home gallery, install a shelf above a doorway and arrange a variety of richly patterned Venezuelan coiled baskets for all to admire. Pile fruit high atop willow pedestal baskets and place them on the kitchen table. Fill a deep rectangular basket with towels and keep it tubside. Every look is lovely, classic, and country beautiful.