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Easy Wedding Decoration Ideas

easy wedding decoration ideas
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Knack Wedding Flowers: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Ideas for Bouquets, Ceremony Decor, and Reception Centerpieces (Knack: Make It easy)
Knack Wedding Flowers: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Ideas for Bouquets, Ceremony Decor, and Reception Centerpieces (Knack: Make It easy)
Wedding flowers are a huge part of the bridal dream, and a firm grasp of floral fundamentals is essential to planning an unforgettable big day. With more than 400 full-color photographs, Knack Wedding Flowers provides unparalleled inspiration and authoritative information for brides and wedding planners. Among the many details covered: what’s on a floral shopping list, the smarts of in-season flowers, matching flowers to formality and location, and where to go to get flowers and/or guidance and arrangements. Guidance provided for do-it-yourself brides, too!

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Beta Fish Bowl Wedding Reception Centerpiece
Beta Fish Bowl Wedding Reception Centerpiece
I have decided that for my wedding reception to have betta fish as a centerpiece instead of flowers. With this economy and an expensive honeymoon(not to mention that I'm not working right now) I saw it to be pointless to have flowers as centerpieces that will just be thrown away afterwards. So, I decided to come up with this instead with clear, white and 2 different shades of red stones in the bottom, a red betta and floating candles. Honestly, what do you guys think about this? There will be 9 of these and atleast 9 of the guests will be able to take this whole setup home. My wedding is next weekend and I'm kinda getting nervous about some things. *Edit* I enjoy having this type of centerpiece for weddings, anniversary parties or whatever; however, you need to know a few tips and things to concider before deciding to have centerpieces of live fish. First, make sure that the guests attending know that no one plays with the fish or the centerpiece. It's there for beauty and pleasure; not for playing or messing with. Second, announce that no one is to pour liquids in or to put food in it(if you serve alcohol-you never know what tipsy or drunk guests will do!) A biggie is to make sure that all children know not to touch it. I made a mistake (unknowingly) and added the fish to the bowls the night before the wedding, thinking I would save some time by doing this. WRONG! A few of the fish did get stressed and leapt out, leaving me no choice but to go and purchase replacements the day of my wedding, not to mention it made me feel bad :( Use ONLY floating tea light candles that do not drip wax. Trust me-they are out there. DO NOT light the candles until the start of the reception. This will limit the amount of time the fish will be exposed to the lit candles(does not increase the water temp or drip wax into the water, especially if you use no wax drip floating tea light candles), It will also save the candle from being wasted prematurely. When everyone is leaving or has lost interest, it's a good idea just to blow the candles out and remove them. Another must have bit of information before creating this type of centerpiece is to have each fish spoken for, like the maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids/groomsman, flowergirl/ringbearer, etc...If you can't find it a home with a responsible person to care for it, don't buy it (unless you have plans to care for all of them yourself.) I have had about 6 beta fish in the last 10 years and most of them lived 2+ years. I loved this idea for my wedding and if I were to do it all over again, I wouldn't do it any differently, well, maybe I wouldn't have gotten so many. (I think I got 9 of them and they all got homes.) A tip that makes giving them away a little easier is to purchase a $2 bottle of beta food and small snack size sandwich bags. Type up the instructions/directions for feeding that is on the bottle. Be generous and put about 30 or so food pellets in the snack sandwich bag and tape it to the original container with the printed directions taped to the container as well. Just enough food to get them started and the instructions for feeding. After the wedding appoint someone to distribute the fish to the new owners. Pour fish water from vase into original fish container and put fish back in. Pour the remaining water out, but be careful not to break the vase when you are pouring the remaining water out because the colored rocks will be tumbling. Give the recipient the fish and the vase with the colored rocks so they will have entire set-up(unless they want to purchase a new fish bowl.) This is just a few things that I thought about sharing when I looked back at this photo. And I know that this type of centerpiece is not for everyone and that's ok too. This was a personal choice I made and I was overall pleased with it. It's whatever floats your boat :) If you have any questions or have any tips or ideas to share or add to this, please feel free to comment, but please, no bashing on those who chose to do this responsibly.
Green, white and blue wedding flower arrangement(2)
Green, white and blue wedding flower arrangement(2)
Gay Corran - West Lulworth - 2008 I recently did the flowers for my daughter’s Civil Partnership ceremony, service of blessing and feast, which were held in the Great Room, Queen’s House, Greenwich. This magnificent setting, with its black and white marble floor and huge windows needs strong colours and shapes for the decorations: delicate effects would be completely lost. The girls didn’t want anything too “bridey”, as they were dressed in elegantly slim cocktail dresses in midnight blue and forest green, overlaid with light-catching sparkles. Candles are forbidden in the building, and the table arrangements had to be brought up from Dorset on the day, both of which set further problems of which style of arrangements and flowers to choose. Fortunately, the girlsClick here to find out which flowers were used liked the idea of using peacock feathers, and agreed that the flower colours should use lighter tones of their dresses: peacock shades heightened with white. They liked the idea of using glass cylinder vases filled with coloured glass “crushed ice”, on black plinths with up lighters set on round mirror bases for the circular tables, with narrow fan-shaped arrangements for the Orangery window sills. Then came the fun of choosing the flowers. Here, the Flowers4Florists website was ideal: very clearly set out, beautifully photographed and briefly described flowers, well priced; it was easy to make the decisions. I ordered white roses and lisianthus, blue iris, lime green curly chrysanths and lime green lisianthus, with “lucky bamboo” twisty stems to counteract any lingering superstition about using peacock feathers. They arrived on the chosen day in perfect condition, just ready to spring open. They were easy to transport, once arranged in their cylinders, and to carry up the steps into Queen’s House, where they looked superb. We had to remove them from the building the same evening, and they spent the next five days in the back of my car in a car park near Stansted. When I got them back to Dorset they lasted for a further three weeks in excellent condition. Three months later the bamboo stems are still looking wonderful, sprouting leaves and forming the basis for many subsequent arrangements, including our forthcoming four – day music festival. I plan to use Flowers4Florists for all my future flower celebration projects and recommend them very highly for the friendly, efficient service given on both the website and the ‘phone.

easy wedding decoration ideas