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Decorations For A Beach Wedding

decorations for a beach wedding
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Beach / Coastal / Island / Ocean Shell Wedding Unity Sand Set
Beach / Coastal / Island / Ocean Shell Wedding Unity Sand Set
This beautiful beach-themed unity sand set includes: one base for glass vase (4.25" x 3.5"), one glass cylinder vase (3" x 7"), one tealight cork top and three tubes of sand. One sand tube is for the bride, one is for the groom and the third is for additional participants in the ceremony or for pre-filling the bottom of the vase for a completely filled look. The base and cork are made of resin and designed to look like beach sand and seashells. Tealight candle NOT included for the cork top. The bride and groom sand tubes are 10 oz each. One is white and the other is tan. The third tube is 9.35 oz and colored in ivory. Sand tubes are clear plastic with removable cap at top and bottom. The label around each tube is not glued and can be removed easily.

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The Wedding Cake
The Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Beach Home, Frisco, North Carolina Accessed via NC-12 from Nags Head The groom's sister made this beautiful cake, while the groom's mother provided the flowers and decorations. In addition to this beautiful cake, the groom's sister also made several other cakes that were all delicious! I was actually hoping to switch to my wide-angle for a couple of close shots on the cake but things were moving really fast and I'm lucky to have at least gotten this shot!
Chocolate and cream beach wedding table display - back
Chocolate and cream beach wedding table display - back
Sumptuous chocolate and rich cream silk orchids and a large rich cream silk magnolia sit nestled into a large murex seashell. Decorated with more seashells and dried bearded wheat ears. Perfect for a beach wedding! Back view.

decorations for a beach wedding