Web application development Tutorial 6

Hardik H. kothadia  R.K.University,  Rajkot.

1. Write a java script for declare a variable, assign a value to it and display it.
2. Write a java script for If, If…else and switch statements.
3. Write a java script for For, While, Do…while, break, continue loop.
4. Create a Friend registration form in HTML that contain below fields. Put all validations using
Java Script.
a. Friend’s first Name (Text Box)
b. Friend’s Middle Name (Text Box)
c. Friend’s Last Name (Text Box)
d. Friend’s Gender (Radio Button)
e. Friend’s Email Address (Text Box)

f. Friend’s Mobile Number (Text Box)
g. Friend’s Birth Date (Drop Down)

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Hardik Kothadia,
Apr 2, 2012, 6:10 AM