1904 World's Fair Slideshow
with Music
for Schools, Libraries, Scouts, Hospital Auxilaries and Church Program
by Karl M. Kindt III
314 308 7075

A slideshow program for all ages that I bring to the public, private schools, libraries and scout groups.  It is a lively fun program with lots of good history presented using many 2d and 3d images (I provide the 3d glasses).  We go on a virtual tour of the World's Fair that was in St. Louis, learn what it was like to actually go to this most amazing of all Fairs ever held in the history of the human race.  Why it was amazing - even to people today - will stay with people as they learn about how all the world came to St. Louis from April to December of 1904 in Forest Park and learned of each other's cultures and histories and the latest technologies.

For more information call 314 308 7075 to talk to Karl who is an instructor both at Webster University and Southwestern Illinois College.

The scene to the left is just one of the hundreds of slides shown during the presentation and shown in 2d and 3d.

This scene depicts what "Art Hill" looked like in 1904.  The huge building at the top of the hill hides the Art Museum which is dwarfed by its size.  This building housed the world's largest pipe organ - an organ that is still the world's largest - but was moved from St. Louis to Philadelphia where you may still hear it played at a large department store there.

Music from the 1904 Fair is also a part of this amazing slideshow presentation and students and families learn about an experience like none other.

I also bring items that are from the World's Fair and a World's Fair scrapbook.  And most awesome, movies were made of some part of the Fair in 1904 using Thomas Edison's new invention and some short movie clips will be shown in the presentation.

Examples of the movies made back in 1904: