Top dining room tables - 6' folding table.

Top Dining Room Tables

top dining room tables
    dining room
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Enamel topped table
Enamel topped table
I refinished this table for my dining room. But now I am worried it is too small. Hoping that with chairs it will "fill" out the space better. Give me your opinion, do you think it looks too small? Also, I don't have chairs yet. Waiting for just the right vintage chairs, possibly a bench for the backside.
A little dining table vignette
A little dining table vignette
Of course, once the dolls' house is finished and in its designated space in the living room, then my dining table vignettes can actually be placed in the centre of the table LOL I know I 'ought to' clean the water jug and basket but there is something about their tarnished appearance that I just really like!

top dining room tables
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