The Wheels On The Bus Song Download

the wheels on the bus song download
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"The Shocking Conversation"
"The Shocking Conversation"
She was walking around the neighborhood, and all of a sudden just sat down on the outside bench of the cafe, she never even bother ordering anything.... just kept talking and listening, with a face of surprise on... and eventually, like 10 or 15 minutes later, she got up and left... Outside of Roasting Plant Cafe Greenwich Avenue, New York Taken with a 3Gs iPhone with Hipstamatic app (John S + BlacKeys Supergrain) and processed with CameraBag app (Mono)
Having Coffee On The Moon
Having Coffee On The Moon
Strobist Setup: SB-700 through 24x24 softbox at 1/4 power Triggered with Pocket Wizard 298/365

the wheels on the bus song download
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