18 Wheels Of Steel Truck Mods. Analogous Colors Color Wheel.

18 Wheels Of Steel Truck Mods

18 wheels of steel truck mods
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18 wheels of steel truck mods - Xbox 360
Xbox 360 Modded Controller 10 Mode Rapid Fire Wireless with Red D-pad, Led, and Thumb Sticks!
Xbox 360 Modded Controller 10 Mode Rapid Fire Wireless with Red D-pad, Led, and Thumb Sticks!
Main Features: Quick on/off: You can press the LT and the sync button at the same time to switch the mod on or off anytime in the middle of the game, no need to cycle through all the modes to turn off the controller. Mode Memory: The controller remember which mode that you were on after turning off the controller or switch off the mode, so next time when you turn the mod on, it is at the same mode that you used. 10 Modes: 10 different modes designed to fit all type of gamers. Dual wield Mode: Great for Black Ops dual wield pistols and shotguns! Mimic Dual wield mode: Pressing the right trigger only will fire both weapons on the left and right hand. Zombie Auto Aim: Holding the left trigger will auto aim for Black Ops zombies! Mode List: Mode 1: Halo 3 and Halo Reach Mode 2: Call of Duty: Black Ops dual wield and MW2 Akimbo. Independent left and right triggers. Mode 3: Call of Duty: Black Ops dual wield and MW2 Akimbo Mimic. Uses right trigger to fire both weapons. Mode 4: Right trigger rapid fire for Black Ops Mode 5: Auto aim down the sight when you press the right trigger to shoot. This is not rapid fire for semi-auto weapons. This mode is great for runners with full auto weapons. You can still use left trigger to aim. Mode 6: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Mode 7: Call of Duty: War at World Mode 8: Auto aim rapid fire zombies Mode 9: burst mode for Black Ops (3 to 5 bursts. The number of bursts are different for each semi-auto weapons) Mode 10: User re-programmable mode preset at 10 shots per second (User can reprogram it for future games)

77% (18)
SOG and Cold Steel
SOG and Cold Steel
I'm excited today because I actually found these around the house. I thought I had lost them for good. I've owned the SOG for a long time now and it's been used as you can tell by the fading lettering on the blade. The plain edge is no longer sharp but the serrations are still fine. This is the only knife so far in my collection that I can flick open without the use of the thumbstud. Problem is there is up and down play on the blade once locked open. Kind of sucks, I really love this knife, but it's a bit too long for my tastes now, I believe it comes in at 8.75" overall length. While I love the dagger style of the blade it's only sharp on one side. I'm not a huge fan of liner locks but this lock is solid! The grip could be better in my opinion, it's no where near the awesome grip of my Kershaw RAM. The Cold Steel neck knife has been with me for a few years as well. I use to wear it everyday on the zipper of my coat. The overall length is only about 2 inches. Very concealable and very sharp!
steel 82/365
steel   82/365
Jake went to a blacksmithing course over the weekend. He returned with several pieces of shaped steel.

18 wheels of steel truck mods
18 wheels of steel truck mods
ULTIMATE 10 Mode Stealth Rapid Fire Mod Kit for Xbox 360 Controller
This is a Rapid Fire Mod Kit for the Xbox 360 including:
One Pre-Programmed Chip
Three Feet of Wire
A Guide Available as a Download
Two 330ohm Resistors
One 1k ohm Resistor
One 1N4148 Diode

Undetectable on Xbox Live!

These are all of the parts you will need, besides just a few tools!

The 10 Modes Are:
Mode 1: Akimbo-5 shots a second per trigger.
Mode 2: Akimbo-7 shots a second per trigger.
Mode 3: Akimbo-10 shots a second per trigger.
Mode 4: Akimbo-15 shots a second per trigger.
Mode 5: Akimbo-20 shots a second per trigger.
Mode 6: Right trigger-5 shots a second.
Mode 7: Right trigger-7 shots a second.
Mode 8: Right trigger-10 shots a second.
Mode 9: Right trigger-15 shots a second.
Mode 10: Right trigger-20 shots a second.

The chip has been programmed with Sleeper Code, which is easier to install, and does not need any additional easy to see and ugly buttons. The mode can simply be changed using the Sync button.

What additional tools might I need?
Soldering skills
A soldering iron and solder
If you have a wireless controller, either a Torx T-8/T-9 Security, or a normal Torx T-8/T-9 and a flat head screwdriver
If you have a wired controller, you may be able to use a Phillips screwdriver