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Color Wheel Worksheet

color wheel worksheet
    color wheel
  • color circle: a chart in which complementary colors (or their names) are arranged on opposite sides of a circle
  • A color wheel or color circle is either: * An abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle, that show relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, complementary colors, etc.
  • Colors arranged in a certain order in the shape of a circle.
  • A circle with different colored sectors used to show the relationship between colors
  • A paper for recording work done or in progress
  • A paper listing questions or tasks for students
  • a sheet of paper with multiple columns; used by an accountant to assemble figures for financial statements
  • a piece of paper recording work planned or done on a project
  • A worksheet is a sheet of paper, or on a computer, on which problems are worked out or solved and answers recorded.
  • A data file created and used by a spreadsheet program, which takes the form of a matrix of cells when displayed

Color Wheel
Color Wheel
I put my photos that are primarily one color against a color wheel to figure out where most of my images fall. Obviously since many of my images are nature shots, they fall in the earthtone section. This image is 5000 x 5000, so you can open it up full size and see images at the same size you would see them in an image stream.
Color wheel, standard palette
Color wheel, standard palette
Color wheel made with fiber that was blended on hand cards and spun on a drop spindle. The three primary colors: red, yellow and blue were used, and each was blended with the other to create the wheel.

color wheel worksheet