Song Wheels On The Bus : Welds Racing Wheels.

Song Wheels On The Bus

song wheels on the bus
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song wheels on the bus - The Wheels
The Wheels on the Bus: An Adaptation of the Traditional Song
The Wheels on the Bus: An Adaptation of the Traditional Song
Everybody knows this old favorite. Now author/illustrator Maryann Kovalski breathes new life into the verses with a clever picture book. Beginning and ending with the downtown adventures of three appealing characters -- Grandma, Jenny and Joanna -- the book also includes the musical notation for "The Wheels on the Bus" and the lyrics for nine verses. Kovalski's funny illustrations recapture a crowded and lively double-decker bus ride from Grandma's childhood, making this a book that will have readers laughing and singing at the same time.

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The wheels on the bus go round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round.
Amelia has been addicting to the song ‘The wheels on the bus’ for more than one months. She demanded me to sing the same song over and over. Her enthusiasm for this rhyme was beyond my expectation. No kidding, no more other rhymes , …we just locked on this one. This rhyme was spinning over my head during the last month. And one day, to my surprise, Amelia followed me to sing along ( Of course, she can't sing the whole song. She merely knows what comes next:P )and corrected me when I made a mistake. That’s one of the most significant milestones she had reached. Congrats to my little one! ????????,????????????----The wheels on the bus (????????) ???????????????????,?????????.???????,????????????,???????:" I wanna bus!" ??????.????,???????????????. ?????,?????????????,????,?????,???????????.????, ??,????????????. ??????????????,??????,????. ?????????????????.=) ------------------------ ??????????.?????????????:" Oh, my God!"(?, ???) ??????, ?:" Oh, my egg!" ?????,??????,????,??my egg, ?my God. ??????,????,??????. ??10 ???7???my egg. ??????,??????????????. ???????.
Wheels on the bus 114/365
Wheels on the bus 114/365
Today we took a field trip to the movies. My favorite kind. 2 hours of peace in my 10 hour day! :) Plus the bus rides are always fun. Crazy drivers, silly songs, and the same kids falling asleep every trip. Plus, our trip backpacks are pretty rockin

song wheels on the bus