18 wheels of steel new game. Build your own fifth wheel. Spinergy mtb wheels.

18 Wheels Of Steel New Game

18 wheels of steel new game
    new game
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18 wheels of steel new game - Brand New
Brand New Valusoft 18 Wheels Of Steel Extreme Trucker Feel The Power And Adrenaline Of Terrains
Brand New Valusoft 18 Wheels Of Steel Extreme Trucker Feel The Power And Adrenaline Of Terrains
Drive terrains that don't forgive your mistakes - do the job well or you might die trying. Transport loads that would even scare your grandma - maximum/minimum loads, oversized loads, high risk cargo and more! Back up to loading docks, manage your fuel, and maintain your trucks in peak condition. Achieve the unachievable by delivering your loads under deadline. Move it better and faster while staying alive. Build your reputation and your empire in the far corners of the world as you haul across the most extreme conditions and loads. Grab the wheel and hop in! Requirements. WindowsXP,Vista. Pentium41.4GHzor100%compatibleprocessor. 256MBofRAM. 540MBHardDriveSpace. 64MBAGPDirectX9andT&LcompatibleVideoAcceleratorCard. DirectX9.0corlater(included). DirectXcompatibleSoundCard. CD-ROMdrive. Keyboard. Mouse.

87% (10)
My (OLD!) High Score on MyScene Pop Diva >:D
My (OLD!) High Score on MyScene Pop Diva >:D
So glad tru_fashionista_luv informed us of this great update on MyScene.com! The new game is so cute and fun! The vector animations of the MyScene Pop Divas are so cool! The actual gameplay reminds me of Bratz The Videogame, wonder if they can do The Weave?? XD Anyways, what are y'alls high scores so far? :)
New Super Mario Bros. Wanted Mini-Game High Score (top)
New Super Mario Bros. Wanted Mini-Game High Score (top)
I got a high score of 276 stars on the Wanted Mini-Game within the New Super Mario Bros. game on the Nintendo DS!

18 wheels of steel new game
18 wheels of steel new game
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