Scamp 5th wheel trailer - Titanium 5th wheels - Alloy wheel colours.

Scamp 5th Wheel Trailer

scamp 5th wheel trailer
  • The rear section of a tractor-trailer
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scamp 5th wheel trailer - Saints and
Saints and Scamps: Ethics in Academia
Saints and Scamps: Ethics in Academia
Saints and Scamps has been widely acclaimed as one of the best academic ethics books in print. In its 25th anniversary edition, Steven M. Cahn has updated and expanded upon his critical look at the duties and responsibilities of college professors; presenting us with a masterfully decisive and learned probe into the ethical standards and practices of the academic world and bringing Saints and Scamps to a new generation. Cahn discusses every issue, from grades to degree requirements, from tenure to the ethics of teaching. For Cahn, being a professor is so much more than research and scholarship; it is also about being a good teacher and shepherding in the next generation of students. He shows us what makes a wonderful professor and what constitutes professorial malpractice, and he does so with a wit and charm that is both entertaining and convincing. This is not just a book for college professors, but a book that should be read by parents, students, school administrators, and anyone interested in what teachers do and how they should do it. In this new edition, Cahn continues to do what he has done so brilliantly in the past; he shows us the ethical guidelines that every professor should follow.

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Job #11: Clean Up New FEMA Trailers
Job #11: Clean Up New FEMA Trailers
Three brand new trailers have been set up just south of City Hall by FEMA. While the trailers are normally used for residential use, FEMA will set up offices inside. After cleaning up the bank (which can be seen across the street from these trailers), we were sent here to help FEMA clean these trailers out. Contractors left some debris laying about -- a minor job compared to the debris removal I've done during this trip. UPDATE: Now that FEMA has wrapped up its larger-scale operations, these buildings now serve as temporary schools.
E-Trailer - Waiting on Electronics
E-Trailer - Waiting on Electronics
Pulled the E-Trailer on home, to start working and spending money: 1. Change wheels and install new tires. 2. Build platform for battery boxes. 3. Replace hitch, with a drop pull, to level out the trailer 4. Install the controller, charger, batteries, lights, etc. 5. Install solar panels, 3ea in series for 60ish nominal volts at 15watts. 6. Twist someone's arm, to help build a composite body. 7. etc............................

scamp 5th wheel trailer