Complementing Color Wheel

complementing color wheel
  • (complement) a word or phrase used to complete a grammatical construction
  • Add to (something) in a way that enhances or improves it; make perfect
  • (complement) make complete or perfect; supply what is wanting or form the complement to; "I need some pepper to complement the sweet touch in the soup"
  • Add to or make complete
  • (complement) something added to complete or embellish or make perfect; "a fine wine is a perfect complement to the dinner"; "wild rice was served as an accompaniment to the main dish"
    color wheel
  • color circle: a chart in which complementary colors (or their names) are arranged on opposite sides of a circle
  • Colors arranged in a certain order in the shape of a circle.
  • A circle with different colored sectors used to show the relationship between colors
  • A color wheel or color circle is either: * An abstract illustrative organization of color hues around a circle, that show relationships between primary colors, secondary colors, complementary colors, etc.
complementing color wheel - Complementing Latin
Complementing Latin American Borders
Complementing Latin American Borders
The idea of complementing borders is appropriately ambiguous with respect to Latin America. People inhabiting cultural borders do not belong to either of the two sides, yet they are contained within the complementation that emerges when two or more cultures interdependently and incongruously interact. In giving an account of complementing borders, this volume alludes to the Latin American context through notions of rhythms and resonances, euphonies and discords, continuous flows and syncopies- all of which are found in everyday life, the arts, politics, economics, and social institutions and practices.

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Run Like The Wind
Run Like The Wind
Field Gun Display Team 1 Portsmouth Area Volunteer Cadet Corps Field Gun Competition is an exciting display involving boys and girls from the Portsmouth naval bases of Dolphin, Sultan, Collingwood, Blackhouse and the Royal Marines. The equipment that the cadets use is the original 7lb muzzle loading field guns used in the late nineteenth century at the Battle of Ladysmith, South Africa--during the Boer War. The display includes a demonstration run-seen here- and a fast timed competition run which represents an attack on simulated enemy. Each of these wooden wheels that have to be changed and carried weighs 70lbs. There are two teams each with a complement of 19 cadets.This is a competetive tough thrilling display involving discipline and team work.
Split Complementery
Split Complementery
Split Complementery is choosing one color on the color wheel and using each color on each side of its complement (the color directly across the color you chose). Left: In this chart I chose Cobalt Blue and its complements are Cad. Yellow Deep and Permamnet Red which are the two colors on each side of Warm Orange--the exact complement of Cobalt Blue. Right: Pthalo Green and its split complements Permanent Red, and Magenta (New Orleans Red-Violet) I'm using Terry Madden Paints and the Terry Madden Color Clock as my guide.

complementing color wheel