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5th Wheel Truck Bed

5th wheel truck bed
    truck bed
  • the floor or bottom of a wagon or truck or trailer
  • A pickup truck (or pick-up truck or simply pickup, also called bakkie in South Africa and ute — an abbreviation of "utility vehicle" — in Australia and New Zealand) is a light motor vehicle with an open-top rear cargo area (bed) which is almost always separated from the cab to allow for chassis
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5th wheel truck bed - Husky Liners
Husky Liners 15340 Silver Custom Fit Aluminum Fifth Wheel Tailgate
Husky Liners 15340 Silver Custom Fit Aluminum Fifth Wheel Tailgate
Get the most out of your truck with a Husky Liners aluminum 5th wheel tailgate. To make your truck experience better, Husky Liners' engineers incorporate unique design elements and features into every tailgate that is manufactured. Husky 5th wheel tailgates are vehicle specific and contoured to match your truck's body lines and style. They are easy to install and use all the factory hinge and latch points. How about fuel savings? Louvered Husky Liners tailgates are as strong as factory tailgates, but they are half the weight – helping you increase gas mileage. They are also easier to open and close – the center locking latch eliminates the need for two separate "pull" type latches found on other manufacturers. The deep 'V' in the center of these tailgates and the louvered design provide excellent visibility so you can see your rig or hook up your 5th wheel trailer without letting the tailgate down. And, because your 5th wheel tailgate is manufactured from coated aircraft grade aluminum – it won't rust when scratched. Husky Liners’ new finish coating on top of the aluminum provides years of good looks. Whatever you pull, or don't pull – increase your rear-ward visibility, decrease your vehicle's weight and wind resistance and sharpen the look of your truck with a Husky Liners aluminum 5th wheel tailgate.

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Freight Truck to Montreal!
Freight Truck to Montreal!
We had begun to consider the prospect of spending the night in Riviere De Loop, it was getting dark, and there were less and less cars on the road. Our Loney Planet guide had nothing much to say for the place however so we decided to wait it out ten more minutes... After being soaked by another huge freight hauler we solemnly turned to walk back to the service station up the highway. But no! To our delight the truck was actually pulling in... The driver of this 65,000 Ibs, 475 horsepower, 18-wheeled beast went by the name of Daryl. He was 50 years old, and wore his hear in a mullet hairstyle - as I imagined any self respecting freight-haul-driver would do. In fact Daryl did everything in my expectation to live up to the stereotype: He had been driving freight his whole life, and today was on his way from New Bruswick to Toronto, which must be a 20 odd hour drive - no sleep - and a drive he does several times a week. Between taking drags of coca-cola he chainsmoked cigarettes, and when we stopped at Tim Hortons he drank his coffee with four, yes, FOUR sugars and double cream. This would go some way to explaining his lack of teeth, and I suppose his ability to not sleep. He spent the first 30 minutes of the drive routing around on the floor (behind him!) for his CD folder, flipping through CDs and constantly skipping songs. A terrifying prospect in a vehicle of this size, which was compounded by his oblivious insistence on performing overtaking manouveres at the same time. Somehow, mercifully, we survived. Rather less mercifully however he settled on a CD - Def Leppard - which he left on repeat at full volume for the next 5 hours. Daryl couldn't understand why we were going to Vancouver - having visited once he had arrived at the conclusion that the people there were "igrant". He advised us to turn around and head to New Foundland were the people "love ta pardee". He couldn't say a bad word about the place, and had plenty of annecdotal evidence to back up the partying claim, I won't bore you with his sordid exploits, but it would suffice to assume that Daryl was a lot better looking in his youth. That or the women on New Foundland really do like to party. I believe the white lights in the background of the photo are unforutnately all I got to see of Quebec City: Onwards to Montreal... The photo is taken inside the 'cockpit' of the truck - I was sitting on the bed in the back, and Tim in the passenger seat. The ride was pretty shaky so the photos didn't come out too well, but that's Daryl on the left, the ambient lighting is from the plethora of dials and controls and custom lights he had in there.
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5th wheel truck bed