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Remove Rust From Chrome Wheels

remove rust from chrome wheels
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remove rust from chrome wheels - 15" Aftermarket
15" Aftermarket ABS Plastic Wheel Cover 4 Pack Honda Accord
15" Aftermarket ABS Plastic Wheel Cover 4 Pack Honda Accord
ADJUSTABLE RETENTION RING OF MAXIMUM GRIP - This wheel cover is equipped with an adjustable retention ring. Patented adjustable retention ring with double groove/notch design assures for a secure fit. This ring can be placed in upper or lower notch located on each of the ring supports. This will increase tension to the proper level to ensure the best fit of the wheel cover. Use the upper groove for standard sized wheels, and use the lower groove to increase tension for bigger sized wheels. EASY INSTALLATION - To put this trendy new wheel cover onto your wheel is just minutes away. No need of technician skills. Everything is "clip-on". O.E. (ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT) DESIGN This replica wheel cover has the stylish, trendy design of a 1998-2002 HONDA ACCORD auto model that can be fit to any vehicle with a standard 15" steel wheel. SILVER PAINTED FINISH Traditional silver painted finish is still the most popular choice with an even cheaper price level. This product is rust-resistant, easy to clean, and also resistant to temperature extreme and corossion. SET OF 4 4 single pieces are nest packed as one set. There is a brown carton as transportation box for extra protection during shipping.

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Toyota Corona
Toyota Corona
As you may or may not know,i was lucky enough to aquire Bob Clarkes beautiful rx12 Corona. Well,here are some updates since i got it.As lovely as it was,i just don't do standard,so those who just can't bear to see an original car modded,then look away now! Fist of all,i gave the interior a general clean,took out all the carpets and washed them.Did the same with the centre console and removed a switch and a light in the dash and covered the holes with a chrome strip. I decided to fit a cd player,but didn't want to cut anything up,so i mounted shelf speakers in the back and put the stereo on the shelf below the glovebox. While i was messing around with the rear seats out,i discovered 3 small rust holes in the rear arches,so they were soon welded up! I also fitted the old wooden steering wheel and boss from my supra. In the engine bay,i replaced the leads with some nice 8mm silicon ones i had lying around,even though Bob had not long done this.I changed the dizzy cap from the orange one to a black one,and removed the remains of the redundant electronic ign.I also fited a filter that i made out of a cut and shut pod filter. On the outside,i lowered it a lot and fitted the wheels of my supra.I also added a front lip from a golf mk1 cl and added a little chrome trim around the grill.I also added mirrors to both doors to balance the look and increase visibility....I'm not used to only having one mirror. Underneath,so far i have replaced the lower front ball joints and shocks (which were new spares that came with the car) and some new flexi brake lines. I tried fiottng the calipers and pads that came with the car but unfortunately they are the wrong ones. I also had to replace the rear shoes as the old ones had stuck on and ripped the linings off the backing!! It's being used as a daily driver now,and so far it's running faultlessly.The only bad thing is it's a bit breathless with the 4 speed box.I have managed to secure a p51 box,bellhousing and extension off ebay,but i still need the rubber mounts and clutch slave cylinder to make it fit. I am tempted to stick an 18rg in it too,but they don't come up that often.There is one that keeps popping up on ebay,but i'm not paying ?400+ for an engine that could very well need a full rebuild. Anyway,have some pics
World War 2: Brickarms Chrome
World War 2: Brickarms Chrome
Decked out several of my American Troops with some of those fancy Chromed Weapons. ;)

remove rust from chrome wheels
remove rust from chrome wheels
In the midst of a midlife crisis of faith, a man finds hope where he least expects it – his hometown. James Moore (Golden Globe nominee Corbin Bernsen) is a former pastor who returns home to discover a family new to the area has been killed in a mysterious fire, and his childhood friend is implicated in the murder. Convinced of his friend’s innocence, James sets out on a mission to find the truth… and in the process, rediscovers his own lost faith. An uplifting drama about faith, family, and the powerful ties that bind a community together.

A minister undergoing a crisis of faith stumbles into a mystery when he returns to his small hometown, Kipling. Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law) wrote and directed Rust, in which he stars as James Moore, who has turned his back on his religious calling. When he returns to Kipling, he discovers that a childhood friend has been convicted of setting a fire that killed a family--but Moore can't believe his friend could have done it. As he digs into the events, he starts to rediscover a sense of purpose--but will he uncover the truth in time? Many Christian-themed movies suffer from a lack of production values, but Rust, though clearly shot on a low budget, looks terrific; the cinematography makes the most of the wintry landscapes and Bernsen's craggy yet still-handsome face. The movie starts slowly, but as Moore's investigation kicks in, the story picks up momentum. The conclusion reaches for a somewhat awkward symbolic dimension, though the themes of doubt and renewed faith will appeal to a Christian audience. --Bret Fetzer