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Foose Truck Wheels

foose truck wheels
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2001 Chev S-10 Xtreme Custom Air Ride
2001 Chev S-10 Xtreme Custom Air Ride
Custom true fire air brushed paint including "Jessica Rabbit" on the tail gate Street Scene mirrors and stainless speed grill Goodmark steel cowl hood Angel eyes BMW style projector headlights Clear corners Pioneer Premier CD Head unit with I-Pod adapter hard wired in, massive audiobhan chrome flamed sub amp powering a 12" Apine sub, Alpine door and dash speaker Billet interior upgrades throughout, custom guage face. 4.3L Vortec V-6 with throttle body spacer, Flow Master exhaust, Complete professionally installed air-ride suspension by Laid Back Customs 6 link KP components rear suspension, relocated shocks in the front. Twin Viar 460 comps, 8 GC valves, 5 gallon chrome storage tank in beautiful custom bed treatment. 20"/18" Foose Nitrous wheels mounted on near new BF Goodrich KDW tires
Sweet Dodge
Sweet Dodge
This truck belongs to a guy who has a machine shop next to my work. It was bought new by his grandpa who handed it down to him. From this view the only abnormal thing about this sleeper is the Foose wheels.

foose truck wheels