Parts Of A Car Wheel : A Printable Color Wheel

Parts Of A Car Wheel

parts of a car wheel
    car wheel
  • A type of wheel designed for use on cars
  • a wheel that has a tire and rim and hubcap; used to propel the car
  • Cause to divide or move apart, leaving a central space
  • (part) separate: go one's own way; move apart; "The friends separated after the party"
  • (part) something determined in relation to something that includes it; "he wanted to feel a part of something bigger than himself"; "I read a portion of the manuscript"; "the smaller component is hard to reach"; "the animal constituent of plankton"
  • Divide to leave a central space
  • the local environment; "he hasn't been seen around these parts in years"
  • (of two things) Move away from each other

My favorite car (and a favorite friend) from the sixties
My favorite car (and a favorite friend) from the sixties
Taken in 1965 or 1966. The car is a 1960 Austin-Healey Sprite. The photo was shot somewhere on the Oregon (USA) coast. The car I drive now is a 1993 Mazda Miata which is a lot like the Sprite, but has luxurious features such as upholstery, roll-up glass side windows (instead of snap-on plastic), a trunk, door handles and locks, etc, that the Sprite lacked. And you can check the oil by lifting the hood (bonnet) of the Miata instead of having to lift the whole front part of the car as was necessary with the Sprite.
Some of you may not know it, but I tend to keep my MOCs in one piece for quite long. Consequently, I have rather a lot of them. This picture shows all of the cars and trucks scaled 1/22 that I have at the moment.

parts of a car wheel